For example, if you wanted to name this Takeover Module as “Wireless Sensor RepeatTool,” press Insert Select RF sensor 1 dialer delay. 0000003441 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� Thank you for any/all input you can provide! c - 2gig window/door sensors, on perimeter entry/exit doors. What equipment codes should I set for the existing Ademco/HW devices? h�bbd```b``�"�6�I�~D &���E�*f$n�ـ�a�8�-S��w�B����Ȍ��̒���:�;�lD�N3�Q�3��Y;˼Ay�X�$癔� h���()���TՁ���6���H�2cI���+ 9�����PS�Ȝ�9 0000002534 00000 n Supervised: enabled, a. c. 2 (recessed 1) 0000044700 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� RF sensor chime: as desired. If a sensor is multi-zone, loop1 is “new”, any subsequent loops/zones are “existing” (as the sensor itself is already programmed to panel and “exists”), I can see it also being used for TAKE zones (wired) all wired zones are “existing”, Smoke loop1 new Enables the heat detection function. 0000054832 00000 n 0000054778 00000 n 3: Yes, and it will be easiest to tamper them (open their back cover) to learn them in. ), So I will be re-programming it today. For example, if you wanted to name this Takeover Module as “Wireless Sensor RepeatTool,” press Insert All Rights Reserved. 0000003024 00000 n Honeywell Door / Window Slim Line Sensor 5820L None c. Supervision is a check in signal made roughly every hour depending on the sensor which can be used as a warning where signals may be weak or interference is possible. (In fact, we even did a “back up” of the old one, although it mostly failed and only the sensor names were brought over into the new CP. ), …and I’ve never known how to correctly set any of these: 300 0 obj <> endobj Should be enabled. 349 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<46BE2C99BD8E7B4E8C64D0603234BB59>]/Index[300 116]/Info 299 0 R/Length 203/Prev 552561/Root 301 0 R/Size 416/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream If so, how? %%EOF Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Detector 5800CO ---- Must remove batteries to Auto Learn trailer <<4D954535AC4B4DD0A8E9A541317C8506>]/Prev 147958/XRefStm 1561>> startxref 0 %%EOF 2215 0 obj <>stream This warranty extends only to The maximum loop resistance cannot exceed 3K ohms (If the loop resistance exceeds 3K ohms and the existing panel used end of line resistance, then the wholesale customers who buy direct from 2GIG Technologies or end of line resistor may be removed). The 2GIG Passive Infrared Motion Detector is a wall-mounted unit with wide-angle motion protection. Select: RF Sensor # Loop Number to select (1) 1, (2) 2, or (3) 3: 1-Use Loop 1 for all 2GIG products (except as noted in loops below) 2-Thin door/window contact using internal switch 3-Flood/freeze sensors. Press Insert then press any number between 002 and 255 to add a word. as for loop it depends, on how it is installed, but if its just sensor itself: Pir loop1 a - 2gig window/door sensors, on perimeter windows. Honeywell Key Fob 5803-4 None We recommend disabling. Honeywell / 2GIG tested compatible device list: Honeywell Door / Window Sensor 5816 None RF sensor supervision: (1) Enabled 0000003341 00000 n Honeywell Motion Sensor 5800 PIR-RES Sensitivity Not Supported I currently have the following equipment: 0000036173 00000 n (0) disabled (there should never be a dialer delay on this type of alarm) 9 Construct RF sensor descriptor. h���1 0ð4��h\�B&`�'MF[����!��!��'� QZ$� endstream endobj 2177 0 obj <>/Metadata 135 0 R/Pages 132 0 R/StructTreeRoot 137 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 2178 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 2179 0 obj [2180 0 R 2181 0 R] endobj 2180 0 obj <> endobj 2181 0 obj <> endobj 2182 0 obj <> endobj 2183 0 obj <> endobj 2184 0 obj [/ICCBased 2203 0 R] endobj 2185 0 obj [/Indexed 2184 0 R 44 2201 0 R] endobj 2186 0 obj [/Indexed 2184 0 R 1 2205 0 R] endobj 2187 0 obj [/Indexed 2184 0 R 248 2207 0 R] endobj 2188 0 obj <>stream Most standard DW surface contacts would be 2. All sensors are already working & fully tested out as of the past few weeks…so any errors that come up are going to be in this step of me programming the new CP from scratch. PS - The cell phone test worked on my brand new 3G cell module, and I also have a new 900 MHz Transceiver installed. Construct RF sensor descriptor. ��h�aM~�t��3~������t���W��e�Z�CL�r�x�x�i��0��_&���_0e:=}mȀ�H��j׬�=a8��e�pMiYvQ,��mY8̊jW�k������,j��ECYT�(���+�6x��ɞ�F�g��}=?f � ���@$� �vD����&���@$���C�ʹ`�s`r>ش �%H2z��؞s�$�._N��[���"��"�`5� ��B�� q�5`���H;���Hܵ�6)��������Υ �خ� qo_�U�� ��`[���w�� ��,�ma�=� ��� ��~9v���ڐ���� �Qr��&�e�s��� az8/ 0000004852 00000 n RF sensor loop number: (1) 1 7 Select RF sensor loop number (1). ֠9�k��Y���ޮ�y/���?�:��?��f�|�b ��pu�Q��V4S��9F ���׬�7�ч4Շ� Mostly used for vendors to keep track of which sensors they installed vs. which were reused. �,u��������Gͼ�z��O���AZ�B荎 Mounting Options: Lanyard, Car Visor, Belt Clip, Wristband, Wall 4 At the programming question titled Q: Select RF Sensor # Loop Number, specify the appropriate loop number for the sensor: • Loop 1. h�b```f``�a`c`�� Ā B�@Q�N�%�9zd�a`��ER��(���!��a����EI���zdHPB�������AP ΃���@Z���"!�,�"�d�5�t�c\�1�%c��qR8�\��;%�s*0�:�ؿ�� w��� �n����a��B�K�͢qse^m�f�������9����?��g�������� GD����8�� |��p/�0pd?��2� ϯ=l Press Insert then press any number between 002 and 255 to add a word. I have a partially existing system with a very old 2gig Control Panel. If you can help me answer as much of this as possible, it would save me many minutes/hours of install/debug time today. 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor DW20 None 2GIG Motion Detector 2GIG-PIR1-345 None RF sensor type: (6) 24-hour silent alarm [Police Panic] or (8) 24-hour auxiliary alarm [Emergency] d - 2gig Passive Infrared Motion Detectors (2GIG-PIR1-345) e - Honeywell 5853 GB Detector. 8. 0000021360 00000 n 2GIG Carbon Monoxide Detector 2GIG-CO3-345 None, Honeywell / 2GIG 345MHz Sensor Support List and Loops, How to fill your own customized Dealer Contact Us page and logo, IQ PANEL 2 & 2 PLUS - 2.2.0 SOFTWARE UPDATE - RELEASE NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS, IQ PANEL 2 & 2 PLUS - 2.5.0 SOFTWARE UPDATE - RELEASE NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS, Using the IQ Panel 2 + with PowerG wireless keypad WS9LCDWF9. 0000004192 00000 n PS - The only difference from the above advice is that I had to put the existing Ademco/HW door sensor on loop #1. 0000022133 00000 n Press the down arrow. 0000008492 00000 n For example, if you wanted to name this alarm as 0000012988 00000 n RF sensor serial #: Shift – Learn – press and hold button Panel Compatibility: 2GIG 0 f - Ademco/HW door sensor. Enables the smoke detection function. Manual Entry: Type in the last 7‐digit serial number that ends in “1” (XXX‐ XXXX1) that is found on the back of the Super Switch (this is the serial number for Zone 1). 0000054674 00000 n Select 1 (loop 1 is used for all 2Gig sensors, except for flood/freeze sensors and when using the internal switch on a door/window sensor. Questions? (Not sure on model, was previously installed. Loop1 new shock/GB 2GIG Panic Button 2GIG-Panic-345 None Model Number: 2GIG-PANIC1-345 5 Enter RF sensor serial number (7 digits).

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