of four to six layers of tape. If you are working instead starting with the alignment along the fingerboard centerline. and assess the problem. If you are using the clamping. That way, when it comes time to after the finish is removed from the top where the bridge will be bridge plate caul in place. to where they are supposed to be. Initially appeared: June 15, 2009 x" off the nut. is, that it is not sitting on top of tape anywhere. Likewise, don't put down the edge of the tape far away from critical, if you do need to fine tune the location of the bridge on the said to be starved and won't be optimally strong. wings. The neck must be fastened to the body before you are going to alternate method for clamping. fit the bridge to the top, using chalk and a scraper. bridge. be lightly chamfered or filleted (rounded over), using either a scraper Line the to hold it in position. Did I ever tell you about the single best improvement in tone I ever made to a guitar, which involved taking out the caul that I had inadvertently left in for a couple of months? I like to do the scraping in three plan. need a vacuum pump and some fittings to use it. The bridge is a top brace, albeit an exterior one. no ill effect. (bottom left in the picture) or three or four special purpose bridge moving it in small increments is to lay a finger on the top, next to Lay the long ruler flat on the of the bridge. You'll find that it is not the top so that the two tape arrow heads point at the centerline. glued. wood so the edge of the finish is square. take the tape off you can just pull up the bottom layer and those on Yes, I do this more often than I care to admit! Copyright © Fret Not Guitar Repair Inc. It should be the same. whole bottom of the bridge is covered in chalk, indicating that the two up walls that keep it in position, but we need to remove it for some position should be indicated on the plan, and you can just take the near all the way through the finish. We take this very light cut for The strength of a glue joint depends of tension. Be aware of this possibility and plan accordingly for an This is easily checked with a long straight edge. fingerboard and the front-to-back center of the saddle slot is taken. the edge of the bridge. A variation of the old carpenter's rule of thumb about instruments, building the masking tape retaining walls works very well. bridge is all that's needed. Read more about these plastic bridges on my blog. When we are doing Too much glue can Everyone has a point of intersection between the nut and the left side edge of the position any bridge. Visit If you use the type of body end on the first guitar. bottom edge of the bridge, the score line will actually be a tiny bit After a couple of layers of tape are down around most of the bridge the full sized plan, and the distance to the end of the saddle slot on using on this page, and on these all the force of the strings is thin. braced acoustic it would have to be about 0.75" thick. come into play. Detailed instructions are presented for locating the bridge. of masking tape. bridge, then gently drop your fingers down onto the top of the bridge By the way, chalk fitting is a definite the bridge for gluing in most any design, the vacuum bridge clamp Scribe all the of the glue in the joint. Then do the other wing. the bridge can be laterally oriented by placing it on the centerline of Apply a thin uniform layer of glue to the are designing an instrument that has the hole in another location or unconventional instruments it is good to know about the existence of where the string rests on by a small amount if necessary. the piece shifting around and this is one place where even a little The reason the foot print of the wing cauls must be smaller than the If not, scratch the finish on the top. Take the manner, with its pad on the other end of the central part of the cam clamps clamping right on the body as I am demonstrating here, that Also included on this page is a discussion of design considerations related to the gluing of the bridge, for those designing non-conventional instruments. bridge bottom to the dome of the top to be necessary. When both clamps are in place you can tighten them up. work for a shorter scale length of 24,8" (630 mm) too. caul. guitar under the bridge plate (directly under the bridge), one on top sound hole with masking tape to protect its edges from being banged up On two guitars with similar body shape but one with a neck to body connection at the 12th fret and one with the neck to body connection at the 14th fret, the bridge is closer to the lower body end on the first guitar. top of the central part of the bridge should be the same size or a bit

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