In 1494, he left for Italy where he found the inspiration for his artistic work that will eventually influence the entire German painting. Find out about his fascination with biblical imagery and how he incorporated this into his wide ranging oeuvre. Sketches from his career included the prints that you find in this website, with the Hare and the Owl. Durer also was a major figure in North European watercolours and helped to further establish that art form as well. Great piece of turf - stud... from Albrecht Dürer, Knight, Death and Devil from Albrecht Dürer, Three studies of a bullfin... from Albrecht Dürer, St Hieronymus at Home from Albrecht Dürer, An Iris (w/c & gouache on ... from Albrecht Dürer, The wire-drawing mill from Albrecht Dürer, The apocalyptic riders woo... from Albrecht Dürer, Charlemagne, Charles the G... from Albrecht Dürer, Bildnis einer jungen Venez... from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer, Stork / Draw./ c.... from Albrecht Dürer, The Madonna with the pear ... from Albrecht Dürer, A Monkey (w/c & gouache on... from Albrecht Dürer, Eight Studies of Wild Flow... from Albrecht Dürer, Dürer / Dancing Peasant Co... from Albrecht Dürer, Nashorn - Variation ohne T... from Albrecht Dürer, Dürer, Northern Hemisphere... from Albrecht Dürer, The four apostles, left pa... from Albrecht Dürer, The apocalyptic riders (wo... from Albrecht Dürer, Jakob Fugger, the empires from Albrecht Dürer, Paumgartner Altar (right w... from Albrecht Dürer, Maximilian I , Portrait from Albrecht Dürer, Innsbruck von Norden geseh... from Albrecht Dürer, The four apostles, right p... from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer, Hand of Apostle /... from Albrecht Dürer, Ansicht der Stadt Nürnberg... from Albrecht Dürer, Portrait of a man, aged ni... from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer, Greyhound / Draw.... from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer, Knight / 1498 from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer, Skull / Draw./ 15... from Albrecht Dürer, "Ein junger Feldhase" mit ... from Albrecht Dürer, "My Agnes", Durer's wife d... from Albrecht Dürer, Michael Wolgemut (1434/37-... from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer / Study of hands from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer, Study of Three Ha... from Albrecht Dürer, A.Dürer, Magdalene beneath... from Albrecht Dürer, Rhinoceros, no.76 from ''H... from Albrecht Dürer, Portrait Hieronymus Holzsc... from Albrecht Dürer, Landscape (w/c & pen and i... from Albrecht Dürer, Mary with many animals , B... from Albrecht Dürer, Albrecht Dürer, Christ on ... from Albrecht Dürer, Damiao de Goes / D... from Albrecht Dürer, Albrecht Dürer / Nude Self... from Albrecht Dürer, Dürer,Birth of Christ,Ox/P... from Albrecht Dürer, The Vision of Saint Eustac... from Albrecht Dürer, The four apostles (Johanne... from Albrecht Dürer, Map of the Southern Sky from Albrecht Dürer, Hiob is mocked by his woma... from Albrecht Dürer, Adoration of the Magi from Albrecht Dürer, Castle Courtyard, Innsbruc... from Albrecht Dürer, Albrecht Dürer ( Engravings became his preferred technique for his later body of work. Afterwards, the engraved plate was inked and wiped, depositing the dark ink into the grooves. After he returned in 1495, he founded his own workshop in Nuremberg and then travelled again to Italy between 1505 and 1507. An example for generation (1471 - 1528)Son of a goldsmith, Albrecht Dürer was born on May 21st, 1471 in Nuremberg. © 2019. As with most artists, Durer was a keen sketcher and regularly produced his best works from this underated medium. The most famous art works to have come from the career of Albrecht Durer include Knight, Death, and the Devil, Saint Jerome in his Study, Melancholia, Rhinoceros and Hare. Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471-1528) Lady on horseback and the lansquenet, circa 1497 Engraving on laid paper, with watermark, trimmed on platemark 4-1/8 x 3 inches (10.5 x 7.6 cm) (sheet) Two unidentified collectors' stamps verso: HG and WHIII Meder a-b impression Property from an important Connecticut collection PROVENANCE: Durer was involved in some art mediums which are rarely seen today, at least by original artists, but these still are popular with those looking to buy items and gifts for their or other's homes. Art prints and oil reproductions by Albrecht Dürer Search of fine art prints, canvas prints and oil painting copies by color. Durero * 1471 † 1528 ). Low price guarantee, fast shipping & free returns, and custom framing options on all prints. Clicking on either the Owl or Hare prints will take you through to pages where you can order those, and there are also links to see the full Albrecht Durer gallery instead which features around 750 different versions of his work, as art prints, etchings, tapestries and more. Each is from our recommended art store that we use regularly ourselves. These sketches, similarly to his etchings, show off his great skills and eye for detail. The following years, he was so famous that he received several orders from the emperor Maximilian the First. Fine art prints and copies, + 30,000 artists. At the end of his studies, he travelled to the Rhine region to meet the famous Martin Schongauer who died before Dürer even arrived. Search fine art prints and paintings by style and period. Albrecht Dürer died on April the 6th, 1528 in his hometown of Nuremberg. Durer was a highly talented individual who put his creative skills into several different art mediums, most notably painting and engraving. Shop for the best selection of Albrecht Dürer wall art online. Durer Prints & Etchings are popular choices even today as the stylish, classic art of Albrecht Durer retains it's status in the art world This famous German artist has established a reputation around the world as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance, even with such a considerable set of challengers during the 15th and 16th centuries. To create his engravings, Dürer first engraved the image onto a copper plate with a cutter.

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