One of the biggest considerations in buying a new mattress is the price. That email was answered by someone else and she said that the mattress was probably not damaged....I asked her to let me know where their mattresses are made and now she will not respond either. Awara mattress reviews are filled with praises regarding customer service. The mattress was too soft for us. Based on considerable research, I ordered a twin mattress from Awara for $750+. It also comes with a 365-night trial and a forever warranty. Latex is also a naturally cooler material than other foams, making it more appealing to some sleepers than memory foam or poly foam. We’ve spent money on going to see an herbalist and doctors. To make this comment as helpful as possible for our community, please provide at least 2 sentences. I’ve been getting some of the best sleep of my life after sleeping on the Awara mattress for a few weeks, and I am incredibly grateful. The trial begins 30 days after your mattress is delivered- something unheard of in the mattress world. I got return authorization within the first 30 days but there is no “RETURN PROCESS”. with a coupon for an even greater discount. Seriously. Moving Awara was a piece of cake. It’s truly a magical feeling to sleep on a mattress as comfortable as Awara. Awara is an excellent buy and completely changed the game for me. The results? The cover is made from cotton, which has moisture-wicking properties, and wool, which acts as a natural heat regulator. Though, it also uses wool and organic cotton in the top comfort layers and is rated a medium-firm on our firmness scale. It feels like a miracle. We knew that we wanted something to replace our old Full size mattress that we got as a hand-me-down when we moved into our place. Best recommendation they’ve given me in my life. “And now having searched a little deeper it seems like Awara might be a little scam-y”. Moreover, Awara’s Forever Warranty is proof enough that this mattress is made to last. This is great, as accidents happen, and liquids get spilled very often, especially if you have children. It makes no sense , but that is the reason for our return. Not only am I getting to sleep faster, I am also staying asleep for longer and feeling way more refreshed and energized when I wake up. Plus it’s extremely comfortable with an excellent bounce back. I returned the Awara mattress after a month or so because my husband prefers a mattress that is much softer. Keep it up! After a week my body was adjusted to the new mattress and I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. This mattress is as supportive as it is comfortable, which has been a difficult combination to find. The Resident Home company also owns Nectar and Dreamcloud and I am not seeing flattering comments about them either during this research. I like that the materials used to make this mattress are all natural though, that’s something that’s important to me, so I decided to test it out. Awara offers one affordably priced hybrid latex mattress model made with organic, eco-friendly materials. The same goes for Awara, and we think it compliments the environmentally-friendly aspect of the mattress perfectly. comfort layer, firmer and denser than Talalay latex, which gives the Awara mattress its distinctive feel. You won’t be sorry. I didn’t know that such an amazing concept existed until I purchased my Awara mattress. I’ve been getting so much done at work that my boss has seen my extra enthusiasm and decided to give me a raise and a promotion in my department. Plus the lifetime warranty makes the price a steal! Most likely, you can. Comfort is a more subjective and preference-based feature, and that’s why each member of our team gave their own opinion on firmness, sinkage, and support so that we could create an objective review. Normally it would have taken me months to decide on an item that is a big investment, such as a mattress, but with Awara I felt confident to make a purchase. Awara allows customers to sleep on their mattresses for up to one year before deciding to commit. Every morning I wake up is a struggle to get out of bed, in the best possible way. Feel free to check them out here. I am actually feeling rested during the day too. I had been working on building homes with dirt, but I am getting tired of moving heavy soil during the hot days. My wife and I purchased a King size to treat ourselves after I got a raise at work. Even though the company offers discounts, coupons, sales, and financing, it’s a fact that the Awara mattress is on the pricier side. We wouldn’t say it’s decidedly a cooling mattress, but it isn’t warm either. It’s made with all-natural latex and also offers financing if you’re unable to afford the lump sum payment right away, which made it the perfect choice for us! Do not buy if you are relying on the liberal return policy. There are certain perks that come with a natural and organic mattress. Word to the wise - don't order from this company. as it contours to the body and fills the space in the lumbar region, providing it with pressure relief and support. Sadly there is just too much going on for my sleep! So now I spend my days researching, testing, and reporting my findings to help others while having an occasional beer and istening to 60s and 70s B side rock, blues, and much more. Meet Awara, the pressure relieving latex hybrid mattress, featuring GOLS certified organic latex, and a sustainable mission for a pricepoint that comparatively carries much more value for its 13'' thick mattress than many other latex mattress companies. I’m getting excellent sleep and I know it’s because I switched my mattress. I love going to bed every night knowing that I’m going to wake up feeling refreshed. Great quality. So a company is only as good as their customer service, so I advise avoiding this one. Great product. Good luck! At $1,499 for a Queen-sized bed, Awara's products are on the high end of average considering the other providers we rank. Sinkage depends greatly on the weight of the sleeper, but the Awara is great when it comes to minimizing the sinkage, and other. Next I emailed the company when the mattress arrived because on top of the fact that I don't want the mattress because the salesperson was not honest with me, it arrived in a very damaged box. Unsubscribe easily. So, let’s start this Awara Sleep mattress review by taking a look at the mattress layers, and see what Resident has brought us this time.

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