Republishing work from other sites is as commonplace as it is easy; so much so that Google has estimated that as much as 30% of all online content is duplicated. The latest version of DCCN lets you integrate quality content on your website in about five minutes – for free. This is the biggest fear for marketers when syndicating content. In other words, by syndicating their content, video publishers and content creators get an opportunity to expand their audience and get free publicity and exposure . But for you, it’s a potential hazard. If readers like the content you’ve found elsewhere, they may. Your email address will not be published. Any kind of digital content can be syndicated, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos and more. Being outranked – while penalisation does happen, it’s actually far more likely that your site will simply not rank as highly as the original version. And that is where the fundamental difference between syndicated and duplicate content lies. The definition of plagiarism also covers presenting ideas and concepts as your own when they aren’t. Syndicated content gives you updated information all the time. Mike McCoy Google can penalise websites that publish duplicate content. Sort of like a cliffhanger or a suspense story where you leave them wanting more – but they have to come to your sales page to get the rest of the story. When done correctly, syndicating your content provides additional author bylines and quality links back to your website. This way your content would get extra bylines for authors. You also have the added bonus of controlling the anchor text in the link, ultimately boosting your SEO. By using content syndication you can always employ the call to action in your articles and blogs. In the world of academia, publishing, and most workplaces, putting your name to someone else’s work is still a big no-no. Once upon a time, copying someone else’s writing was always considered a bad thing. By doing so, all of our users can seamlessly get their content on multiple social networks when uploading videos to their website using our platform. As you’ve probably realised by now, every post needs to acknowledge the content creator, the place it was published and provide at least one link to the original article. In such cases, you are able to control the anchor link of the text and this is an added bonus for sure. This usually means a backlink. You could start by setting them all to open in a new tab, so that visitors aren’t taken directly away from your site. They are not looking at the fact that you didn’t write the content, but they found a solution to their problem on your site. The practice of syndication has been gaining popularity in the content marketing industry because of its numerous benefits for all parties involved. Providing your reader with useful information is the key and syndicated content can help. Are you interested in trying our platform? Keyhole Marketing | Digital Marketing Services in Colorado Springs. It improves the overall reputation of your brand. When you syndicate your content you are putting it in front of people that you are targeting as the audience. So why use syndicated content; why not write your own content? Watch the video to learn more about Microsoft’s web content syndication service: Posted in Partner MembershipTagged Microsoft Partner Network, Partner Essentials: 4 steps to understanding GTM Resources and benefits, Partner Essentials: Partner sales & technical readiness, Weathering the storm: the impact of COVID, Top Stories for US partners the week of November 23, Craft your value proposition – Step 1: Customer, Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Device, Microsoft Azure and using it to build, deploy, and manage their applications, Office 365 as the best-in-productivity tool for small businesses. No, that’s not true. Let’s go back to the two primary challenges of content marketing: expensive and time-consuming. Once you’ve decided who you’re publishing for, and how it should look and sound, it’s time to figure out where you’ll find syndication partners. Next, figure out when and how frequently you’ll publish syndicated content. This is because such work allows you to get some good links back to your website. Google basically abhors it. Because you have to provide many articles, you may not have the time or the patience to fulfill this tall order. Writing your own content takes time. Think of it as a kind of barter arrangement. If you’re republishing content from a site that is more popular or well-known than yours, their copy will invariably come first, which prevents your site from getting as many hits and from standing out. If you aren’t using content syndication, you are doing your online business an injustice. That’s where video content syndication comes into play — it is one of the surefire ways of increasing your videos’ visibility and reach. So while you may gain added exposure, you aren’t able to use that exposure to build your email list. However, it has to be done the right way. However, it has to be done the right way. You know those pesky duplicate content issues we mentioned earlier? We all want customers to give us money, and so... We make sure your nearby customers can find your physical location and the products and services they need. Once you’ve done that, you can map it out in a content calendar – it’s the best way to stay organised. There are also a few pitfalls that you need to know of. But content syndication, just like guest posting, has its pros and cons as a content strategy. aMarketForce is a ISO 27001 & 9001 certified and GDPR compliant company and adheres to the highest security standards and confidentiality. The more information you provide the more trust you build, and the more trusted you are the more people will feel comfortable buying from you. The Benefits of Syndication. Keeping your web pages fresh can sometimes be a struggle for some. It’s possible to use syndicated content in the same way, cherry-picking posts that chime with your own values. You would also get some high-quality websites linking back to your website. Suddenly, people needed content – high-quality, SEO friendly content, and lots of it. It’s also more time-consuming, though. According to a survey by Salesbox, 65% of B2B marketers reported that they utilized content syndication as a highly effective lead generation strategy in 2017. If you don’t have one already, here’s a free template and guide to get started! The third-party website gets free, relevant content. Think of it as a kind of barter arrangement. Or, to put it into marketing terms: plagiarism vs. content syndication. Keys to Success #1: Finding Your Unique Story. This helps you configure links that take them to pages where you sell featured products. It could be that without such an effort on your part they may have not become aware of your business. Your email address will not be published. A Beginners Guide on B2B Content Syndication, Boost Traffic And More With Digital Content Syndication, The possibility that you would outrank your own content, The websites where you are doing the syndication could be disreputable, The leads could be poor in terms of quality. These are just some of the questions we’re going to address in this article. Deciding what content to add and keeping it updated takes work, but the benefits of content syndication can help put an end to the “what will I write about dilemma,” once and for all. You have to give the readers just enough information to grab their attention, but not all of the information. More content – one of the obvious benefits is simply that you’ll have more content on your site. Syndicating your content puts your brand in front of people from your target audience who... SEO Boost.

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