Switched (SW) Accessory power remaining on. Replace the contactor. and the maximum width of 12 ft. Symptom: LED is not lit on control console. The opener runs, but the carriage does not move: • Check the carriage is not disengaged from the opener. Erase the memory from your garage door opener and reprogram the remote control(s). If it is unbalanced or binding, call for professional garage door service. My door reverses for no apparent reason after fully closing and touching the floor, My lights will not turn off when door is open. 1. On dual-gate system, incorrect gate opens first or closes first. • Check the brown and green wires on J17 to ensure they are properly connected. Toggle the RESET switch and verify that all the safety LEOs (OPEN EDGE/PHOTO, OPEN PHOTO, CLOSE PHOTO) are OFF. • Manually check door for balance or any binding problems. Check for binding or obstructions, such as a broken spring or door lock, correct as needed. • Verify that the battery fuses are intact and not blown. Dispose of old batteries properly. Replace batteries if necessary. 2. Slide the Lock/Bipart Delay switch to ON. Check battery connections and battery voltage to be above 11.5 Vdc. Provided you set an internal maintenance cycle counter, the system will inform you in case the opener needs immediate attention. • Obstruction blocking close photoelectric sensors or safety loop. ― Check to see if the Mid Stop LED is on. replace wire if needed. LiftMaster recommends a minimum value of 180 seconds. The need for occasional adjustment for the force and limit settings is normal. Press and hold the MID STOP button for 5 seconds. If the chain returns to the normal height when the trolley is disengaged and the door reverses on a one-inch board (or a 2x4 laid flat), no adjustments are needed. If the gate does not move continuously on either Gate 1 or 2, replace the control board. If either is ON, clear any obstructions and verify the LED turns off. 7 flashes rpm reversal gate 2 or wiring to the operator is disconnected or damaged. If the IR Beam light is flashing, correct alignment. 1. Charge batteries by AC or solar power or reploce batteries. Chamberlain HD920EV garage door opener troubleshooting The HD920EV garage door opener created by the US-based company Chamberlain Group is a belt drive model with a battery backup feature. Replace logic board if necessary. Relay A or B LED should turn on and the door should move in the corresponding direction. Manually open and dose the door. Check wiring connections at travel module and at the logic board. Retest that activating edge sensor causes moving gate to stop and reverse direction. 3. Replace battery if necessary. 2) Gate is binding or not running smoothly. Safety sensors are misaligned or were momentarily obstructed. If motor unit still will not operate replace logic board, • Replace logic board because motor rarely fails, My door will not close and the light bulbs blink on my motor unit: The safety reversing sensor must be connected and aligned correctly before the garage door opener will move in the down direction. 4. Safety sensors are misaligned or were momentarily obstruded. Battery backup charging circuit error, replace the logic board. Check for binding or obstructions, such as a broken spring or door lock, corred as needed. If no AC power, then running on batteries and battery voltage must be 22.0 Vdc or higher. • Low or defective battery. Decrease the sensitivity of the loop detector. Verify battery fuse is intact. • (Optional Accessory) Interrupt loop is obstructed. When the power is restored, the next time the opener is activated, the trolley will re-connect. Correct as necessary. The SonicWALL UDP connection timer should be changed to 120 seconds or greater. • Lock/Bipart Delay not set. Relays "click" when remote control or single button control (sbc) command is given, but the operator does not move or gate disconnected. ― Verify primary line voltage from pov/er source. Master or second operator is not functioning properly. ― When the OPEN or CLOSE button is pressed. b) Check for obstruction in gate's path or travel. Replace defective Interrupt loop detector. Door reverses for no apparent reason and opener light flashes 10 times: • Check The Protector System™ (if you have installed this accessory). Blue and green LEDs should blink on and off a few times when the Internet Gateway is initially powered. Opener runs approximately 6-8’, stops and reverses. Remove the devices and retest. Check the motor wires and connections for possible loose or corroded terminals. Use a standard neck garage door opener bulb if regular bulb burns out. This option allows you to use the door opener even when electrical power is off. Chamberlain LA400 and LA400-S are medium duty swing gate operators created for vehicular swing gates. • Low or defective battery. Contactor chatters when operator begins to move. 1. c) Check Exit loop wire. Symptom: One or both of the Indicator lights on the safety reversing sensors do not glow steady. The garage door openers and smartphone-enabled products by this brand are created for do-it-yourself installation. Manually open and close the door. Door coasts after it has come to a complete stop. The garage door opens and closes by itself: • Make sure remote push button is not stuck "on". • Battery may not be property charged. The maximum gate weight ranges from 800 lbs. 1. Replace batteries if necessary. There are a few different reasons an Internet Gateway will not successfully connect to the Internet: Verify power to the Internet Gateway. b) Review Interrupt loop detector settings. Operator does not run. Chamberlain T is an industrial duty door operator, which may be powered by a variety of motors (1/3, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 HP). Inspect door control wires at all staple and connection points, replace wire or correct as needed. Belt can be adjusted by loosening the (4) mounting bolts securing motor to the frame and sliding motor until belt is taut. Check for binding or obstructions, such as a broken spring or door lock, correct as needed. Check for binding or obstructions, such as a broken spring or door lock, correct as needed. 4. Manually open and close the door. If shorting lock's NO and COM wires does not activate Moglock, then replace Maglock or Maglock wiring, a) Check that Solenoid is wired to N.C. and COM terminals. ― This pot must be set so that the gate will run smoothly normally and reverse when encountering an obstruction. A properly balanced door will stay in any point of travel while being supported entirely by its springs. The door will open some but not completely. • An open input is continuously activated. 6) RPM (Hall Effect) Sensor is not aligned. Program travel to coasting position or have door balanced by a trained door systems techniaan. • Verify the safety reversing sensors are properly installed, aligned and free of any obstructions. 2. The safety reversing sensor must be connected and aligned correctly before the garage door opener will move in the down direction. Like many other commercial models manufactured by Chamberlain, the T garage door opener boasts a so-called Maintenance Alert System.

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