This article gives you a walkthrough on each type of memory foam mattresses and their differences. are ideal for those suffering from headaches, back or neck pain. Memory foam a, are non-toxic, safe, hypoallergenic, which is why these inhibit the growth of mold, dust mites, bacteria, or fungus. While not the coolest material around, polyfoam does have an open cell structure which makes it automatically better at thermal conduction away from your body. However, it too won’t be able to sustain the major weight of your body, and will require additional support materials underneath to fully hold up your body. Moreover, conventional memory foam restricts motion transfer. The same applies for individuals with chronic back pain. are completely different from normal pillows because of the following reasons. It was initially designed for the NASA airplane seats. In case you need fluffier adjustable pillow, are designed ergonomically that’s why can enable correct neck/head posture by fitting to a sleeper’s upper body. Traditional Memory Foam Mattresses The memory foam was first introduced in the mid-1960s.It was initially designed for the NASA airplane seats. Both gel memory foam and the regular memory foam improve comfort, possess pressure-relieving qualities, and help in alleviating back pain and soreness. The greater the ILD value, the higher the firmness of the mattress. Available in a wide range of firmness ratings. For adjusting its height, simply remove one of the ridges. Other factors that will impact your decision – motion transfer, heat retention, maintenance – I’ve already covered in detail; hopefully, now you’re armed with the knowledge to understand what the difference between the two materials means for you. Being a synthetic material it has some neat and engineered properties. Memory foam is in its essence an artificially made compound called polyurethane. Most adult Americans spend about one-third of their lives sleeping, and the mattress or pillow you use has a direct affect on the quality of that sleep. The filling can be easily remove for adjusting the pillow’s fluffiness or height just like contour memory foam pillows. About one-third of our lives we spend resting our head against a pillow. The information contained on The Sleep Judge is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Check out Royal Therapy memory foam contour pillow reviews for more information on how these pillows are helping people address their sleep-time problems effectively. In recent years, memory foam gel mattress have been introduced into the market. So, if you aren’t able to sleep well at night, don’t just blame your mattress as it could very well be that feather-filled pillow. It is both soft and high-energy-absorbent. That said, the overall feel you get from a viscoelastic mattress will be of sleeping ‘in’ the mattress rather than sleeping ‘on’ it – so if you’re expecting something with a bit more kick, this isn’t the best choice. Thanks to its conforming, cradling nature, viscoelastic foam can target the parts of your body that tend to stick out and create awkward spinal positions that result in back ache. and high resilience (2.5 lb./cu.ft. With addition of a non-toxic, heat-dissipating, polyester/bamboo cover Royal Therapy pillows prevent thermal build-up so you don’t sweat. Shredded memory foam pillow is rectangular in shape while it is filled with hundreds or even thousands of tiny memory foam pieces compacted together to fill the pillow, hence the name shredded memory foam. Moving on to HD and HR grade polyurethane – you can get resilient comfort that will last you for years, provided that the manufacturer does not go crazy with the thickness for short term good impressions. If you suffer from neck or back pain, the reason could be poor spinal alignment. However, high density (1.5 to 2 lb./cu.ft.) Depending on the degree of firmness as well as the quality, HD and HR foam can be used reliably in any support role, whereas viscoelastic is restricted for use virtually exclusively in comfort layers. It shapes itself around these parts and alleviates pressure from them, thereby yielding superior pain relief. Since contour memory foam pillow is manmade the filling isn’t lumpy while that’s not the case with normal pillows. Polyurethane Foam Vs Memory Foam Comparison Table, The Sleep Judge State of Sleep Scholarship. Relieving stress from upper back/neck muscles these help in better positioning of our head while their moldable nature perfectly adapts with contours of your head and neck thereby offering maximum comfort. Fiber batted or feather-filled pillows cannot conform to our body curves whereas their fluffiness is also not long-lasting.

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