3. Therefore, A large retail business unit, selling mainly food and grocery items on the basis of low margin appeal, wide variety and assortments, self-service, and heavy emphasis on merchandise appeal.. Local farmers will not be able to compete with the large international market and may stop producing food all together. Local farmers will lose their jobs. There are a number of problems, but the biggest ones are the economies and efficiencies of scale. 0. Critics believe that the concept of fewer “food miles” in local foods is misleading as it does not consider the total energy use, especially in the production stages. Eating more local food reduces CO2 emissions by reducing food miles — the distance food travels from farm to consumer. Local buying, many argue is beneficial for the local economy. Advantages and Disadvantages of Supermarkets According to several, it can have significant advantages for the local economy. The average piece of produce in the U.S. travels 1,500 miles, while local food may only travel 100 miles (or less), according to researcher Rich Pirog at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University. 4. The supermarket is large retail food stores selling groceries, fruits, vegetables, dairy and foods products. Buy Local: David Suzuki focuses on the benefits of buying locally produced food on davidsuzuki.org: “Currently, the average meal travels 1200 km from the farm to plate. However, there are also certain flaws of the concept that have been noted. ... the festivities usually have a lot to do with food. There are currently no items in your basket. The buy local movement is one that is driving consumer choices. Food that is grown closer to home will therefore have fewer transportation emissions associated with it, and also be fresher and support local farmers. The Pro's and Con's of Local Sourcing. The great thing about massive monocultures is that they produce vast amounts of food per acre. However, the cons of local food systems include the higher price and lack of information about the real advantages of local food. Local buying advantages and disadvantages for the local economy. Disadvantage of Buying Local Food: Not Regulated If you are buying from a stand at the farmers market that claims to have organic fruit, there is really no way of knowing if this is true. Good for PR, demonstrating investment in the local … This would mean that we would have to import even more food, creating a loop of people running out of business and more food being imported. ... so here's our guide to some of the advantages and disadvantages of local as opposed to global procurement... Pros.

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