We better prepare ourselves for God's new wine. Oil is a frequent symbol in Scripture of the Holy Spirit. I truly want all of these things, but I challenge us with this thought. Denomination: ... We need the New Wine and the Oil to, once again, anoint and strengthen our lives. God is anointing His people with fresh oil. Isaiah 65:8 ESV / 10 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful Thus says the Lord : “As the new wine is found in the cluster, and they say, ‘Do not destroy it, for there is a blessing in it,’ so I will do for my servants' sake, and not destroy them all. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is where God's power is released in our lives. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins.” —Luke 5:36-38 (NASB) “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.” —Isaiah 55:6 (ESV) King David proclaimed, “But my horn you shall exalt like the horn of a wild ox: I shall be anointed with fresh oil” (Psalms 92:10).A portal is open for a fresh anointing with of the joy of the Lord to empower you to fulfill your mission according to His purpose “On earth as in heaven.” And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled out, and the skins will be ruined. The Scripture Forbade Him. Whoredom, wine, and new wine, which take away the understanding. The New Testament is the first time we see the word anointing used in the context of power to heal, deliver and perform miracles. The Oil and the Wine are two vital items in the body of Christ. Pexels "No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and the tear is made worse. The Holy Spirit is given to all believers. But very few people are aware of their importance to your growth as a Christian, and even fewer people are knowledgeable about their healing properties when applied both physically and spiritually. We need to expect God to pour out His New Wine and Oil in His way and in His time, not ours. Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is … I will send you grain and new wine and oil, and you will be satisfied by them…’" Joel 2:19 (NKJV) ... perhaps the most trustworthy and most widely used Hebrew dictionary for the Bible, defines this wine as "wine, fresh or new wine, must, freshly pressed wine". Scripture: John 14:8-17. For example, kings in Israel were anointed with oil, signifying God’s call upon them into the kingship and the empowerment for that office by the Holy Spirit. The foundation of Christianity is based upon what they stand for. January 27, 2018.

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