var ch_queries = new Array( ); Further These objectives may now be briefly described: This is one of the most important objectives of materials management. 3. (b) To buy for the best ultimate value, not necessarily always at the lowest price. Purchasing, store-keeping, inventory control, transportation, etc. Stores and Inventory Management besides others. In its process of managing , materials management //-->, Interested The role of materials management is to balance these conflicting objectives by coordinating the flow of materials, so customer service is maintained and the resources of the company are properly used. It broadly covers purchases of materials purchased or acquired from outside sources, transporting the materials to its place to use, keeping the materials in stock, maintaining an optimum level of inventory of materials, issuing the materials as and when required and, finally, keeping an overall account of the materials whether in process or in stores. Effective functioning of the purchasing function is vital to the smooth operation of many other departments. Functions of Materials Management 3. They are connected what happens in one system affects the others. However, that means extra cost in operating the warehouse and in the extra inventory carried. Not only is the materials departments in touch with the market, it is also aware of the consumption of materials in the various divisions of the company and also in similar units in the industry. monitoring the performance in relation to in our updates? function of business that is responsible for the right material at the right time in right [Copyright] [Privacy Policy] [Link Capacity is the ability of the system to produce or deliver goods. The materials department, along with the help of the engineering department, by taking the pros and cons of making or buying, should buy from outside sources only if it is economical to do so. Management function ,often called the famous 5 Rs of selection of sources of supply, finalisation of terms of purchase, placement Its sub  functions: See here more on Scope of Materials Management. Materials of the right quality have to be bought. Provide the required level of customer service. One of the main objectives of proper (scientific) materials management is to ensure that there is no disruption in supply which might hamper the smooth flow of production. developing vendors. Material Coding and Classification: One of the important functions of materials management, the material coding and classification provides support to the production and purchasing department of an organization. the individual requirements of parts, preparing materials In other words, inventory control means balancing the two opposite forces, i.e., overstocking with all financial hazards and under stocking leading to operational bottlenecks. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. ch_client = "vijaymathur"; The functions of material management are as follows: Material Planning and Programming: - this consists of determining the total material requirement for any project by considering all factors. A good materials management department should encourage such reciprocal relationships with other companies. production planning, Purchasing, inventory budget, forecasting the levels of inventories, scheduling “The objectives of materials management department are: 2. The department will also forecast the prices of materials to be purchased. Materials management is concerned with management functions supporting the complete cycle of material flow, from the purchase and internal control of production materials to planning and control of work in process, to warehousing, shipping and distribution of the finished product. optimum way which help organisation to achieve an integrated management approach to The materials manager is always in touch with the outside world. Materials Management's scope: safety stock levels, lead time analysis and reporting. purchasing, moving, storing material in a It is necessary that the persons dealing with materials management are appraised of the latest ideas and trends. Plagiarism Prevention 4. vendors, approval of payments to vendors, evaluating, rating and The various activities represent these four right quality at right price from the right coordination of planning, sourcing, purchasing, moving, Priority and capacity must be planned and controlled to meet customer demand at minimum cost. Manufacturing creates wealth by adding value to goods. if ( ch_selected < ch_queries.length ) { The materials department should have a good relationship with the other depart­ments inside the company. Various functions of materials management include the following: Production Control - As production schedules are generated through demand analysis, the materials that are needed are determined. var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length)); ch_font_text = "Arial"; Another important area where materials management can play an effective role is in the disposal of surplus/obsolete materials. Materials management concerns itself not merely with the cost of materials but pays equal attention to the cost we incur on materials which, in most cases, are usually hidden. Materials management is a balancing act. It also consists of laying down standards for the materials, substitutes, sources of supply etc. We respect your privacy, Definition & Scope quantity of This is called reciprocal relationship. Inventory control : One of the powerful ways of controlling The objectives of industrial purchasing are the following: (a) To maintain continuity of production.

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