Hey, a hit is a hit and it's okay if the other team occasionally gets a good hit. It's just that simple. Be sure to work this play into your practice on a VERY regular basis so that your 12U defensive strategy can succeed. For the players and team to achieve, the largest factor in softball (or any youth sport) is to have the support of the parents and buy-in of the players. Right Field - 12U Defensive Strategy Just as in the 8U and 10U Defensive Strategy, right field needs to be considered a Deep Infield position. by Dbrown2132 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:59 am 3 Replies 640 Views Last post by Katieschrock Sun Nov 01, 2020 6:11 pm 08 pitcher looking to pick up 10/3. You should. If they drop one, it is deducted from their totals. google_ad_client="pub-3119424653330731";google_ad_slot="4300001691";google_ad_width=468;google_ad_height=60; Coaching fastpitch softball successfully begins with building a sound defensive team. The main thing for these girls to learn is to keep the ball in front of them and throw at least one base in front of the runners. Watching the sport does not make me an expert in teaching the sport. (At this age, I don't want to give the batter a ball.) Center & Left Field - 12U Defensive Strategy In center field I want a kid with a lot of speed. Encourage them to practice at home at least four nights a week. You can't win by giving up free bases via the dreaded walk. Don't put a turtle at 1st base, or it will turn out to be a snapping turtle and bite you every game. Return from Coaching Fastpitch Softball Successfully begins with Defense to mysoftballcoach.com home page, Softball Outfield Practice Drill - Around The World, Fastpitch Softball Bunt Coverage - Standard, Situational Shortstop Positioning - Common Oversights. I still want a fairly athletic girl that has some quickness at this position. At this age, the shortstop should only play about 3-5 feet behind the baseline. As an 11U team we took 1st place in our 13U league and as a 12U team we took 1st place in our 14U league. I have played on many championship teams in my youth. Coaching high school softball is no different. As many times as I would tell them a fly ball was a gift from heaven, they would just let them fall in front or behind them, then go over pick the ball up and roll it back to the pitcher. This might be summer camps for Kindergarten-5th Grade. If you have a coach that is 50 pounds over weight and can only talk, that is a problem. It would be nice if she could range over behind 1st base for pop ups, but consider yourself fortunate if she is making that play. It is encouraging to a coach with a young HS teach (6th-12 graders) with most of them having no travel ball experience. I just want them to live the game as I do. 1st Base - 12U Defensive Strategy In the younger age groups we had to put one of our top athletes at 1st base. While I could teach some basics, I am well aware that there are others that are more well-trained than myself. Everywhere from just behind the pitcher to shallow left field and center field. Great ideas for [tag]softball coach[/tag]es that don’t require a coaching PhD to figure out. Play them back and keep everything in front. I’ll cover infield drills, outfield drills, player positioning strategy and more. However now that my daughter’s have grown and I’m retired, I was asked to coach young jv girls. We don't really care about stopping the bullet hit up the middle. Your 1st baseman should position herself about 8-10 feet in front of the bag and about 3 feet off the foul line. Given the choice of being really good at 2nd or shortstop and just being average at the other position, I'll take being really good at 2nd. By the way, do you require your pitcher to wear a 2nd Base - 12U Defensive Strategy This is a position you should be able to back off on your athleticism quite a bit and is one area where the 12U defensive strategy differs from the 10U strategy. A related question: since this is 12u, do the same girls sometimes play infield AND outfield? But you have to start somewhere! They didnt coach specific things, per se, but they coached stations...infield, outfield, hitting, bunting. A play like this will take the wind right out of the other team. The main thing for these girls to learn is to keep the ball in front of them and throw at least one base in front of the runners. If 1st goes for the ball then 2nd has to cover the base, and if 1st lets the ball go then 2nd has to charge it and play the ball. We used mutliple coaches. A softball team's success on the field often comes down to how well they practice. A very common mistake is to let them drift back to the edge of the dirt. The Winning 12U defensive strategy makes the routine plays look easy. The Lead Runner Part 2 If this is you, then get your hands on every pitching video and book that you can, and begin teaching some players in your program. It shouldn't completely surprise you if she chews tobacco. A pitching drill that I like to do with my daughter is a one-hop [tag]softball drill[/tag]. Maybe you invite those kids to your softball camp, or perhaps you take some time to give hitting instruction at one of their practice days. The player you select for this position should probably be just a notch below your ANIMAL at 3rd base. I may know the rules of the game, but I have no idea how to teach it. A very common mistake is to let them drift back to the edge of the dirt. A few weeks is not a lot of time for players to get used to the bigger ball and the five-foot pitching distance change. I now tell them that whoever catches the most fly balls during batting practice will get a free ice cream of their choice after practice. When a runner reaches 1st base the odds are they are going to try to steal 2nd base and will probably go on the first pitch. This is a great read. The second most important feature is to have a quick release and a rocket arm. Better yet: If you can convince a local instructor to join your coaching staff you will have a major asset for the future of your program! Hopefully you can put a pretty athletic girl in this position. The turle may have won the race, but she lost the softball game. While some programs may receive an abundance of transfers that make them great for a year or two, the key to developing a lasting program is having a plan to develop players and interest at all ages. This doesn't necessarily need to be your best outfielder or your fastest outfielder, but she should probably have the best arm of your outfielders. On hard hit grounders that get through or line drives to right field, the player needs to come up throwing hard to 1st base to get the batter out. You need to KNOW that a ball hit to your 1st baseman is an out. 12U Head Coach. 8U Defensive Strategy, That outfield can get pretty big sometimes and knowing you are hiding the three-toed sloth in left field, the center fielder is going to need to be pretty quick to shag down balls. as it really helps the coach visualize where his players are and the strengths and weaknesses a particular line up poses. A great coaching tool to help determine player positioning for your 12U defensive strategy is the I still want a fairly athletic girl that has some quickness at this position. With that said, you really should be able to position a little weaker player at 2nd and still have the position adequately covered. Fastpitch-Softball-Coaching.com is all about helping you achieve that goal with its primary focus on YOU, The Coach. No matter what you do, you must do something. Over 200 games coached in 12U league and tournament play. By the way, do you require your pitcher to wear a 12u team with proven A ball coach looking for a B+/A pitcher.

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