stream Based on this fat thickness, a preliminary yield grade (PYG) can be established. The ribs should have a ‘nice’ cover and the brisket (located between the two front legs) is a good indicator of fat cover,” Brian added. x��]�o�8�o����}HԢH}�{6�����b���}pb9�Ŷ��b}����n���e�?�Ҷ��m�f�~�^������ŧ�V�aՖ���}������O���}�|��Y�8�x�1KE��}��C?�����㇐=ЧL���_?��k�X���R,��:Z�ź�ٷU���?���~��'@CD#r�� �� ��t19���gi$�V�-~���c�6U����:^K�`?�DT�pq������@��Z,�L��+�Ou�LM=9�v5A�� J]:��T���TCɠ��m���c�&�kն���x “These are very suitable cattle; they will come to flesh quick, with a good kill-out for the farmer,” he added. Yield Grade 1 denotes the highest yielding carcass and Yield Grade 5, the lowest. The difference between Choice and Prime is largely due to the fat content in the beef. Assessing cattle enables beef producers to determine the suitability and readiness of their animals for different markets. Extensive fat is found in the brisket, cod or udder, kidney, pelvic and heart regions. 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There might be a slight increase in kill-out percentage because they are a better shape and will have a carcass weight of 360-365kg. Determine carcass skeletal maturity by evaluating the degree of skeletal ossification in the top three thoracic vertebra (buttons), and the sacral and lumbar vertebra. The last two bullocks were also Angus-bred bullocks from continental cows; these also weighed 520kg. B60 + A80 = B30 (>40; 10% to bone) “From our own research, within the 100-day feeding period, these cattle would eat between 600kg and 700kg of concentrates after build-up onto a high-concentrate diet. 1. Table illustrating the minimum marbling score requirements for USDA quality grades within each final maturity group. The final feeder cattle grade is "Inferior", and would include sick, unthrifty calves or calves that are double-muscled due to their inability to marble or quality grade. Again, Brian suggested a 100-day finishing period. He said: “When you break down what a customer wants, they look for steers and heifers under 30-months and they are looking for cattle under 380kg (dead weight). Every week we will send you a roundup of the most important news in farming and agriculture, completely free! Generally, when feeder cattle … Carcasses are stratified into five maturity groups, based on the estimated age of the live animal. “With a lot more dairy-beef coming on stream – from a quality point of view – we are looking for O= cattle or better,” he added. 1. RELATED STORIES However, these were notably better-quality stock. Since markets differ in their requirements for weight (live or carcase), fatness, age (dentition), and other factors, the ability to assess these traits directly affects the price received, and therefore producer profitability. 2 0 obj When these cattle are coming to fitness, they will have it in all areas; they have the fat score and the confirmation we want.”, Concluding, Brian said: “I know the 100-day feeding period sounds like a long time and with current grain prices it is a lot; but it is important that the cattle are fed to their potential.” 1 0 obj Continuing, Brian said: “The areas we assess when we are choosing an animal for slaughter are: the tail head; the cod area; the area above the ribs; the ribs; and the brisket. Yield Grade 3 These bullocks were born in February 2017 and they weighed 520kg. Usually, there is a moderately thick layer of external fat over the inside of the round, loin, and rib, along with a thick layer of fat over the rump and sirloin. ��1��v+�X_�m��s�/A2΂����4���_`W�K� ��ޫh��48t;tp־5��$�Ͳ�-�{r�z&���H��A���5�[�����yi�d��`=ɷ� ��:�+�)M�����X5(ޑodc��$h�]�Z��135Kl��7D�! Will consumers accept healthier meat products? Carcass weight is the "hot" or unchilled weight in pounds (taken on the slaughter-dressing floor shortly after slaughter). 0.5 in. <> endobj By Dan S. Hale, Kyla Goodson, and Jeff W. Savell, Department of Animal Science, Texas Agricultural Extension Service. A70 + Sm40 = Ch- Determine lean firmness to ensure that the minimum degree of firmness specified for each maturity group is met. Overall Maturity + Marbling Score = USDA Quality Grade This is a report from the Certified Angus Beef Brand. Meat graders assign a yield grade to a carcass by evaluating: Graders evaluate the amount of external fat at the 12th rib by measuring the thickness of fat three-fourths the length of the ribeye from the chine. [15] 2. By Chelsea Good, CAB Industry Information. “We want a ‘nice’ bit of cover over the tail head and the cod area should be full. When there is more than 40 units difference in lean and bone maturity, average the two maturities and adjust the average 10% toward the bone except when: If the average of the lean and bone maturities doesn't move across the B/C line from the bone maturity side (e.g., Bone = B and Lean = C with the average being B or Bone = C and Lean = B with the average being C); average the two maturities and adjust the average to the nearest 10% toward the bone. in. Kepak held a live cattle grading demonstration at a recent Dairygold Beef Expo at Fermoy Mart, Co. Cork, where Brian Delaney – a procurement manager in Ennis – outlined what Kepak is looking for and what feeding regimes and systems work best. 3. Taking a kill-out percentage of 50%, these cattle would have a carcass weight of 300kg. Evaluate the marbling in the ribeye and determine the marbling score. � Also evaluate the color and shape of the ribs. 680, Beef Cattle Feedlot Facilities. A60 + A40 = A50 (Simple Average) The carcass is usually completely covered with external fat, except that muscle is visible in the shank, outside of the flank and plate regions. When the meat grader stamps a side of beef with a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) quality grade, he is estimating its palatability.

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