We see that the demand for Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO), palm-kernel Cake (PKC) and Palm Kernel Sludge (PKS) in the market is very Huge, and as a matter of fact, the demand for it is all year round plus the profit in this business is amazingly good. Required fields are marked *. It is neither the palm oil extracted from the pulp of the oil palm fruit nor the coconut oil extracted from the kernel of the coconut. This is for referring and direct sales. 6). A note of warning, most of the contributors to this topic on Nairaland are FAKE! Nice one. The oil press presses the seeds, and expels the oil content of the seeds through the oil exit chamber, and at the same time expels the cake through the cake exit chamber. »Oil = N200 per litre Below is a brief description of the machinery used. May God bless you for all you are doing. And where can I buy this. Your email address will not be published. Depending on what they agree, they decide which supplier or suppliers to go with, issue an ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order), sign a contract, and start transacting. You need at least 7bags to produce 1 drum of Pko. Darlington One, The abundance of agricultural products in Nigeria continues to make the nation one of the wealthiest in the world. Your time could be wasted as a result of long-term conversations with Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) buyers who have no real money to pay. The main raw material that you need for the production process of your palm kernel oil is the nut and this kernel is a by product. Wats your email pls. I came to the conclusion that IT IS NOT a business for lily livered! Nut Crusher 2. Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) are usually sold at varying amounts at the farms, processing facilities, or local markets and are then further resold to international buyers at varying prices per metric tonne depending on the specification, the seller’s connection to the farms, the trade process, and the final negotiations with the buyer. Call me on. You need to be close to a palm kernel supply source. But iam confused here on where to buy these machines 1. I have updated the post with the real name. Electrical Seed-Fryer 3. i want to know more about it. A standby generator can complement PHCN and this is to ensure efficient power supply. If you’re only a scam, don’t waste your time, as the conversation wouldn’t last too long after a few questions and demands to prove your authenticity have been made from our end. This business is one lucrative and profitable business that can easily be started and progressed on a small scale. This palm kernel oil is a category of high fiber and they use it in producing feed for livestock. 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This Online course will teach anyone everything they need to know on how to build a successful export business from scratch, present a live case study, and show you how to export lucrative highly-valued commodities profitably from Nigeria. But to ensure you have a successful brokerage business, it is important you legally protect your commissions. »Function: Presses the heated nuts and expels the oil content of the nuts via the oil exit chamber, while the cake is collected via the cake exit Get a space for factory and this will be housing for your equipments, machines, workers’ changing room. Our aim is to provide daily living guide for Nigerians and her friends. Pls we are expecting thee feedback from your finding when you are done. This online course and e-book is perfect for beginners in the export business in Nigeria, as it will take you from a novice to an export professional, and help you either make money by starting your own export business in Nigeria, or by becoming an export consultant or broker. Hello Darlinton, I want to invest in the business.Please, I need advice on where to get the machines. Please send an email to stanley.edom@globexia.com. That’s a nice one Larry. Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) can create a great source of employment. See Also: How To Start The Lucrative Export Of Shea Butter From Nigeria To International Buyers. Get buyers, offer them good quality products at competitive prices, and that’s it. Your email address will not be published. hi very good article – thanks for sharing keep up the good work. Can l have his number please, my email address is, Jesus loves you , please can I have number to the guy and will like to talk to you as well,thanks, please send me the phone number of the person who installed and maintains your crusher. Storage Tanks, flow meters,Weigh, welding equipment,Vise, sufface pumps etc. I don't know where they are sold but I'm sure Mr Bello will respond to your question and provide the answer anytime he come online. Crude Palm Kernel Oil Refining Processing. With our highly in-depth world-class MBA Standard professional bank and investor-ready business plan & feasibility study report writing service, you can finally have the best chance of getting the finance you need for your business to succeed! The business is no longer lucrative as it was before. kernel cake and palm kernel sludge. Your Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) en route a warehouse may get robbed or seized by government officials before arrival. The large demand for this agricultural product in Nigeria by international buyers makes venturing into the export of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) from Nigeria to several countries around the world a lucrative export business to start up. RE: What Are The Ingredient For Poultry Feed. Kindly call 081-239-165-45 for your request @ an affordable price The first step to starting a Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) export business is to register a legal business. I will appreciate your response. If there is such a machine how much is the cost and where can i buy it? 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