I was able to go back to work. You will have relief right away! xo and best wishes. Yes, my best advice based on my experiences, is indeed for your whole family to go on GAPS, especially if you home school. I need the calories to maintain my supply. My adult daughter now has the same issue. This turned my life around. So you can try to have those foods separately from each other to observe if there’s an improvement without one, or if you get worse when you eat one. You know what happened, right? I live in Brookings, Oregon which is about 6 hours away from Dr Zeff and decided to at least give him a call and I ended up making a appointment with him and it was the decision I’ve ever made! We had him scoped too, and it turned out he had some inflammation. A food intolerance is different than a food allergy. So we all went back to the beginning. A condition that according to the internet “can’t be cured”… Taking over my life. Talk out loud to yourself..” I will get better” . I also had a Skype consultation with him. (And this is building toward the solution.) I have been gluten free and kindof was negligent taking Elmiron and now in flare. Also the only grains I am allowed to eat are millet, amaranth and corn but millet and amaranth have a lot of oxalate, which is also not good for IC. I’m so glad you’ll be starting the GAPS diet. The two main approaches are oral medications and bladder instillations -- drugs that are introduced into the bladder by catheter and held for 15 minutes. The catch is the cost. It was a combo of diet, NAET allergy treatments that I did on myself and at the doctor, and Ozone gas in my bladder that healed me. Thank-you so much you are so kind. any tips? Thankfully a natural approach to healing IC is overall beneficial to the body. But I’m afraid if I try to wait until I have no bladder symptoms I might be on stage one for too long. I follow the IC diet, am on the medications, but nothing works. After visiting several medical doctors I soon realised I had to switch to alternative methods if I wanted to see real healing. Hope that answers all your questions. interstitial cystitis is strongly rooted in nutrition related causes: According to Dr. Ray Peat, IC has to do with, “Interstitial cystitis involves an increased number and sensitivity of mast cells in the bladder, as a result of too much estrogen activity, or too little thyroid and progesterone.”, interstitial cystitis is very manageable and treatable with a special diet (but then again I can only speak from my own severity of IC, I’m sure others have it worse off than me). I’m concerned that if we completely remove them, that we will starve the bacteria that lives on them and allows us to potentially break them down. So when I went back to this stage, for the second time, my IC symptoms, which were already pretty good, disappeared completely. so I wouldnt be suprised if it was leaky gut. I find hope in hearing from those like me who have my same struggle beat the situation. But I suspect your son belongs to the first example, as does my son. Really informative post, I have never heard of this before. I’m SO thankful and glad that you already feel relief and improvement! This is super interesting. But you don t have to be senior age to have IC? Even on the GAPS diet, I felt “off” for years, really heavy and low energy. How long did you end up being on GAPS intro? Hi Lara, you can start a healing diet, either GAPS or AIP. My question is, do you think leaky gut caused your IC? As evidence, our family is THRIVING. I took it for one week and it ruined my life. Blessings! This is the best remission I have had in years. I just ordered GutPro because it is a probiotic that is low-histamine friendly. Except, I finally noticed the tissue near my urethra had a white patch/streak that decreased when my symptoms were less and increased in size and noticeability when my symptoms increased. So, either way, both pieces are likely needed: heal the gut through a healing diet AND find out one’s food intolerance, so that food isn’t standing in the way of complete wellness. Thanks again, dear. It makes me sick to think about bone broth….yuck. I begged him to stay away from it but he said it was no problem. Your writings made me try paleo and gave me hope:) I wish everything good for you all. Thanks again for your time, They are the routes that allowed me to get well, also working with my doctor: a wellness diet, removing fruit and an elimination diet, as well as getting your food intolerance evaluation done. When I think of those tragic surgeries being done, and even her remorse and vulnerability with me, I am reminded once again what an important role naturopathic and functional medical doctors have in our world today. You may have to modify your diet, but attitude is extremely important. It would have been so encouraging to me years ago when I had no idea how to help myself! I will definitely be investing in your cookbook. The description of this disease from Web MD goes thus: Interstitial cystitis (IC), often called painful bladder syndrome, is a tricky condition. At least it felt like that. so you don’t eat any fruit ever again then? What about white flour? I had the Food intolerance Carroll testing done and Fruit was the one I needed to completely eliminate. It took me 4.75 years on the GAPS diet. After years on the GAPS Diet and various supplements, it was the one supplement that I could tell was helping to finally “seal” me up. These supplements may seem peripheral to IC; but I believe they are only secondary to pulling out the food intolerance. My question is about your IC diagnosis if you are willing to share. Even for salads, I fry garlic in butter or lard, add sea salt and drizzle this over my lettuces. Cut more out of my diet? Your husband’s concern is a good one. And–when it did–did you continue to stay on this diet or were you able to reach out to other options? I hope that helps! Also eating figs, dried, histamine in them. I dont see how GAPS unless modified is complimentary or supportive of SIBO? Thanks! Healing Interstitial Cystitis Naturally: The Diet. I hope you can find someone who can give you some support. Best wishes, and I’m glad you’re getting started with the evaluation! He was allergic to literally most foods until he was seven. I have just been diagnosed with this painful disease. The same thing has happened to me! (I have a lovely rebounder, which I use for exercise and detoxification.) So, my husband and I have bought all the ingredients, pots, etc. I have done a lot of treatments (neural therapy, osteopathy, accupuncture, ayurveda, yoga). I also think that vagus nerve, nervous system, has something to do with reflux and IC? Thank you for sharing your experience! Thank you! I do dietary consulting, if that would help: http://eatbeautiful.net/consulting/ I do not believe that eating fruit in the first place is was caused the IC, though, btw. Recently all fermented dairy is out. Regarding restrictive diets, they’re the main reason I wrote my cookbook. Also, to clarify, not everyone with IC will have fruit as their food intolerance. I can’t seem to find anywhere that says frequency is a symptom of leaky gut. Was it the supplements or the powder, I use Perfect Supplements’ bulk collagen powder: http://bit.ly/2rMvwHf. However I can t eat milk/dairy, so I won t be able to cook with butter. I highly recommend D3. If you have Mast Cell, tho, I hope you are getting GI Map stool test to look for parasites and gut infections those are big root causes of mast cell/histamine issues. But now, living in a colder climate and with failing health, that one thing was the straw that almost broke the metaphorical camel’s back.). In fact, the best way to improve digestion is to add in fruit-free digestive bitters (find them here). Yay, Sarah, sounds perfect!! That piece of information was key for me, as I wrote. Eat more. I read about GAPS diet and found it interesting. I try to walk away everyday and some exercise. I have also had pain occasionally when having sex. Following your advice I contacted Dr Zeff and sent him a blood sample (even though I m based in London). Hi Erin, I felt the same way. ; you can also cook and then puree it to make “applesauce”); rhubarb (see my Rhubarb Sauce recipe or make cobbler/crumble); use herbs like lavender or mint (or their essential oils) to make steamers (I have a lavender steamer recipe here on the blog); make iced tea! When our entire family’s diet changed to help accommodate my daughter’s dietary needs (no wheat/gluten in the house at all, and no processed foods, though the rest of us didn’t fully do GAPS ourselves), my symptoms WAY improved! Or just .. Best wishes! You can read more about food intolerances here: https://eatbeautiful.net/difference-food-allergy-intolerance-food-sensitivity/, I’m so happy I found your article!

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