With no side effects whatsoever besides instant softness, I was slathering the stuff all over my hands, chest, and neck. RELATED: 5 Nighttime Skin-Care Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Beauty Goals. So if you hate the new formula, you may want to avoid products that contain sodium hydroxide, including this Organic Doctor snail gel (this is just a guess, though). Snail mucin is the first ingredient in this anti-aging serum. The consistency is liquid enough to drip off my fingers but viscous enough to take its time landing. Eat a pint of ice cream? But I started noticing fewer side effects, less dryness and flaking, less tautness below the corners of my mouth, allowing me to handle the Retin-A Micro every night instead of every other, as recommended by dermatologists. So after cleansing and toning and applying my vitamin C serum, I was armed and ready. In the early 2000s snail mucin, also known as snail oil, snail serum, snail filtrate, snail slime, or just “the slime,” began popping up in Korean beauty products, and as that market began to expand globally, it started picking up a following in the West. There are some caveats, though: The consistency is far from cosmetically appealing, but with all the benefits, I could get past that. Love, It gives skin a boost in antioxidants and helps increase cell turnover to help keep a youthful glow over time. Or was the secret to my glow part and parcel of my unfaltering commitment to the slime, which increased regular hydration and in turn allowed me to increase my Retin-A usage for maximum benefits? But I was definitely intrigued. RELATED: 7 Wellness Bloggers’ Best Tips for Instantly Brightening Dull Skin. “It's made up of properties like glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid, all of which have long-documented benefits for the skin,” says Dr. King. This makes me think that maybe it doesn’t contain as much snail secretion filtrate as COSRX Snail Mucin Essence 96, which is already pretty thick on its own (it’s pretty close to whatever you’d imagine snail slime to feel like…I know, appealing, right?). The slime was serving double duty for me, and what's better than a skin-care multitasker? Yes, those slow-moving, slimy creatures are making their debut into fan-favorite serums and creams and have even garnered attention for their ability to make your skin more hydrated and even more youthful. All those layers in the heat seem to hasten the formation of an oil slick on my face. However, after you pat the snail mucin into your face, its sliminess fades away as it dries, but it still leaves a slightly tacky presence on your face. © 1996-2020 Everyday Health, Inc. It’s not my waistline that’s unforgiving. It pairs 96 percent snail mucin with sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid), and arginine (an amino acid), to not only hydrate the skin, but improve texture and tone, too. I went away for a week, and the first thing I packed was my slime, of course. Instead, they’ve opted for a pricier bit of snail juice, cone snail venom, which is a toxin so potent that it disables fishes swimming near it and rivals the anti-aging effects of Botox, according to an article published in November 2018 in StatPearls. Most commonly, you’ll find snail mucin in serums or creams and Dr. King says often serums will have a higher concentration of snail mucin and can be used for anti-aging benefits. And I started skipping my moisturizer a lot more regularly and feeling okay about it. The Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness, Long-Acting Injectable 9 Times More Effective Than Daily Pill in Preventing HIV in Women, Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 2020: Pushing the Boundaries of Cancer Treatment, Tippi Coronavirus: Tips for Living With COVID-19. There has to be a catch, I thought. Plus, as a skin-care lover in the United States, it’s hard not to know that if there’s one thing doctors and most aestheticians agree on, it’s that topical retinoids and retinols are the closest thing to a skin-care miracle worker out there, from keeping acne at bay to reversing fine lines to building collagen and truly transforming skin. The author before (left) and after one month of snail slime. The slime itself and the top slime-containing products are fairly cheap (The Super Aqua Cell Renew Hydro-Gel Mask will set you back $9, and Mizon’s All-In-One Snail Repair Cream is about $19). Bottom line, I’d recommend trying COSRX Snail Mucin Essence 96, but it’s not a life-changing product. Back around 400 B.C. Was this my cheap and cheerful secret to dewy skin? I decided to order COSRX Snail Mucin Essence 96 to see if it would help my skin at all. I guess I’ll give this sample a go and see if it does anything to help brighten my skin. What makes Glossier Lash Stick irritating. However, it does contain a good number of natural extracts that made it look pretty interesting, including aloe vera, glycerin, and some citrus oils. Plus, it’s a K-beauty favorite so you know it’s good. (And if you’ve got around $600 to spend on a single product, you can find it in the coveted Intensité Line Erasing Serum by RéVive.). What’s the mix in snail trails that makes it a veritable fountain of youth? When I think of snails, the first things that come to mind are garlic herb butter, baguettes, and Chardonnay, and the next is the slime. “Historically many societies, especially ancient ones and more recently France, have used live snails as anti-aging 'devices,” says Gregory Bays Brown, MD, a plastic surgeon in New York City and the founder of the RéVive skin-care line. Ahead, a mix of various snail mucin-infused formulas from serums to essences to creams. Not that I’d have time to do this moving forward, but the first time, I waited around a bit before the next step in my routine, which would be moisturizer, and behold: Ten minutes later, my face felt so soft, that I skipped the moisturizer altogether and went right to sunscreen instead. My skin doesn’t let me get away with much, and because of that, I shamefully admit that I don’t double-cleanse or let any oil touch my face. PETA disapproves of using snail mucin on the grounds that keeping the snails in captivity is cruel. Cho, who enjoys mini-celebrity from her K-beauty expertise, says you should apply mucin wherever you would use an essence, a type of product common in K-beauty and increasingly popular in the West, as fans of the Japanese skin-care line SK-II will attest. I considered buying stock in an Italian snail farm. Snail slime, also called snail mucin, is a discharge that has a gel-like texture. . DIY skin care is convenient, but whether pricey tools are worth your time and money is up for debate. If you don’t have a serum in your arsenal, here’s how one can help lessen lines, banish breakouts, and erase dark spots. In this study, a 40 percent concentration of snail secretion was found to help improve the appearance of fine lines as well. What appealed to me most about the idea of slapping snail mucus all over my face and neck — aside from staying true to my inner beauty warrior, and the fact that I’m getting paid to — was the hydration potential. It does a great job at hydrating the skin without weighing it down. And because I’m not a vegan, I really have no excuse to be a couple of years late to this trend. In the height of summer, my face can look primed for a skillet, and when I try to balance the sebum with even a slightly alkaline product, it will start flaking and cracking by the next day.

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