Alva Salva-Derm Hautbalance Creme 50 ml Diese reizarme okklusive Nachtcreme bewahrt die Feuchtigkeit der Haut mit Jojobaöl und Sheabutter. The extract also contains another polysaccharide called laminarin, that has decongestant and lipid-reducing action that might be useful for combination, acne-prone skin types. Commonly attacked by sea snails, releasing enzymes on its surface, the algae synthesizes specific molecules in order to protect itself. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma with Microneedling. The third major type of actives in the Laminaria Saccharina Extract are phenolic … Laminaria Saccharina Extract Laminaria saccharina, also known as sugar kelp, is a species of brown algae that can be found in several oceans throughout the world. Lithotamniun Calcarum Extract - Mannitol - Diatomaceous Earth - Zinc Sulfate, Amino-acid biovector combined with cinnamon extract, purifying agent, dermo [...], Lipodispersible texturizing agent for a velvety and matt skin, Hemispheric texturizing agent for high oil absorption and matte effect, Skin pH regulator, purifyer for sensitive skin & scalp, Find the ingredient you are searching for. It efficiently regulates sebum excess and mattifies greasy skin (86% of the volunteers have found their skin “less shiny, less oily”). If you have acne-prone skin, don’t ever put anything on your skin or hair without checking it for comdedogenic, or pore-clogging ingredients (the ingredients that clog your pores)! To do this, you should google the full name of your product and add 'ingredients' at the end. This is a nice example of bio-inspiration: as the seaweed protects itself against sea snails enzymes, it should protect the skin against other enzymes, such as lipase. We made it very easy for you to check pore-clogging ingredients in your skin care and makeup products. Congratulations! China approved. INCI: Aqua/Water - Butylene Glycol - Laminaria Saccharina Extract. We also verified the ability of the laminaria extract in rejuvenating aged skin fibroblasts at the gene expression level. Feuchtigkeitsspender wie Aloe Vera und Antioxidantien (Vitamin E) sowie entzündungshemmendes Mikrosilber ergänzen die positiben Eigenschaften dieser Naturkosmetik Feuchtigkeitscreme. Thus PHLOROGINE™ BG PF inhibits lipase activity, reducing the inflammatory components and soothing acne prone skin. The skin breathes better, seems cleaner and healthier. Solubility: water soluble Unfortunately, there are some pore-clogging ingredients in your product. For example: "Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser ingredients." Esculenta Extract, Laminaria Digitata Extract, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) Extract, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, and Undaria Pinnatifida Cell Culture Extract. Zudem kann er auch zellaktivierend wirken, da marines Jod enthalten ist. Use level: 1% Hit 'Check' and get the results. Preservative free The Panel came to this conclusion by assessing the systemic toxicity potential (either in repeated dose studies or GRAS status/use in food) and sensitization data of the ingredients. Laminaria Saccharina Extract (Laminaria Saccharine) Laureth-23 Laureth-4 Lauric Acid Mango Butter Mink Oil Myristic Acid Myristyl Lactate Myristyl Myristate Octyl Palmitate Octyl Stearate Oleth-3 Oleyl Alcohol. Thanks to its composition, PHLOROGINE™ BG PF is also able to restore physiological balance and provide a complementary detoxifying effect on the skin. Laminaria is used in the cervix for ending a pregnancy (abortion) or for childbirth. Gewonnen wird das Extrakt aus der kultivierten Laminaria-Alge. Always check the products ingredient list before using any products on your face or in your hair. Was zeichnet den Wirkstoff LAMINARIA SACCHARINA EXTRACT aus? Would you like a sample of this ingredient ? Copy the ingredients deck and insert it in the field below. PHLOROGINE™ BG PF comes from Laminaria saccharina, the royal sugar kelp. INCI: Aqua/Water - Butylene Glycol - Laminaria Saccharina Extract PHLOROGINE™ BG PF comes from Laminaria saccharina, the royal sugar kelp. Bioceramic thermic shield - The ocean powder Commonly attacked by sea snails, releasing enzymes on its surface, the algae synthesizes specific molecules in order to protect itself. PHLOROGINE™ BG PF is an active ingredient from the sea that controls the sebum excess for purer skin. Form: liquid No government agency oversees this, so skincare companies can claim their products promote clear skin and still have pore-cloggers in their products.

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