Medial Approach to the Elbow: A Basic Concept Lecture by Dr Kemal Gokkus (Visited 125 times, 125 visits today) 0. 0. Surgical Approaches to the Elbow Luke S. Austin Joseph A. Abboud Matthew L. Ramsey Gerald R. Williams Jr. ELBOW APPROACHES The surgical exposures described for the elbow are divided into posterior, medial, and lateral approaches. These descriptions denote the deep surgical interval employed (Table 1). 0. Review Topic. Ian Gordon Holsworth, BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (Surgery), DACVS-SA, (Ventura, CA) demonstrates the modified Wendelburg surgical approach to the canine elbow for resurfacing indications. Learn about the Elbow - Medial Approach, an online 3D-video-based course, accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 0. PREV VIDEO NEXT VIDEO MORE VIDEOS. Several approaches to the medial elbow have been described, including osteotomy of the medial epicondyle or splitting the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle to expose the proximal, medial ulna.7, 8, 12 In a cadaveric study, Hotchkiss and Kasparyan 2 describe the over-the-top approach, claiming excellent exposure of the joint without need for osteotomy of the medial epicondyle. U.P. Orthopaedic Association* “FRIDAY MUSING -2” Sign In. Medial approaches allow access to the ulnar nerve, ulnar collateral ligament, and coronoid process. This e-learning course provides a Step by Step approach, lessons on Objectives, Preoperative Information and Postoperative Complications, Procedural Anatomy and a Test. Elbow Medial Approach Elbow Anterolateral Approach ... Knee Medial Approach. Often, these deep approaches can be performed through a direct… Orthobullets Team 0 % Topic. Elbow Medial Approach. 0. The novel approach allows the surgeon to access the joint for proper examination of humeral surfaces and implantation of either SynACART ® joint resurfacing or Canine Unicompartmental Elbow (CUE). Please login to vote. Introduction: Approach provides exposure to medial … Review Topic. The superficial medial approach allows access to four primary deep medial approaches utilized during instability surgery—the Hotchkiss over-the-top, the flexor-pronator split, the flexor carpi ulnaris split, and the Taylor-Scham approaches. Courtesy: Peter McQueen MD Advocate Christ Medical Centre, 4440 W 95th St Oak Lawn, IL… 0. Leah Ahn David Abbasi 0 % Topic. Paratricipital Approach to the Elbow Demo. Introduction: ... curved incision 8 to 10 cm long on the medial aspect of the elbow centered over the medial epicondyle; Superficial dissection.

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