Follow me @trainer_atkins, It’s really surprising how much fat the old school guys used to consume in their diets. The THT workouts are on there and easy to track. Some of Platz’s fellow bodybuilders downed liver pills by the hundreds, but this was normal for the old school bodybuilding diet. Platz, a thinking man’s bodybuilder, approached the science of his sport with analytic rigor without dispensing of the keen intuition that helped guide him to the top echelon of the IFBB. I’ll give you more details below the video…. A brand new workout including 9 x advanced "Shock & Awe" hypertrophy techniques to ignite pounds of new gains! Modern-age bodybuilders do eat fats but they eat less relative to protein – fats constitute around 20% of the overall calories. It boils down to a total-body workout split with a workout performed six days a week. Platz believes that many people today don’t take their time with meals—not making them, eating them. Throughout this program, 3-5 times a week your assignment is to run 1-2 miles as fast as possible. He eats today using the same basic nutritional principles as he did in his bodybuilding prime—liver, fermented foods, butter, and soups made with meat close to the bone, all part of the old school bodybuilding diet. “If I don’t have a meal with sauerkraut or some kind of fermented onions or vegetables, then I don’t feel right. And you should enjoy yourself. Bodybuilding Cutting Diet Meal Prep Plan. Most of the fat sources are available in form of capsules and tablets nowadays. It’s crazy to think people try to complicate diets these days. Compliance, not meal plans, is what will make the biggest difference. “In the ‘70s, low carbs was the way to go,” he remembers. A lot of fish, meat, eggs, and some vegetables. Supplements are supposed to supplement your food intake. The modern era focuses on protein. From the 1990s on, bodybuilders routinely ordered chicken without the skin. Both ages have seen some greats and it takes years of hard work and sacrifice to reach that level. Typically you must gauge whether you are going to cut or bulk by figuring out your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) which is the total amount of calories you burn each day. I believe butter really assists my joints and skin. "sameAs" : [ By Chris Appleton, • Have you ever wondered how they got that way? This means if our maintenance is 2,000 calories, we will be looking to eat 300-500 extra calories putting us at 2,300 or 2,500 calories total for the day. This is not used much in bodybuilding since there is always a goal for the bodybuilder. © 2020 That’s it,” he states. “I ate a lot of chicken wings, but I prefer a chicken thigh and leg with the skin on it. I like how science has progressed and we have gotten down to the nitty gritty of nutrition but I like how basic it used to be. Check this out from Arnie ! But here's one thing you'll be doing for these eight weeks that definitely isn't on the menu for Mass: running. "@type" : "Organization", If you're not a full-on counter, here are some basic guidelines to help steer you in the right direction: Eat enough, but not too much: Go too low, too fast, and the workouts will crush you. I’m ripped all year – you should be too! As bodybuilders, we were always searching for a muscle-building edge. Platz remembers taking up to 75 desiccated liver pills a day. Don't worry, this won't cost you any of your gains. “Guys like Larry Scott, Bill Pearl, and Reg Park ate a greater variety of food, including dairy products and very little sugar. About 20 percent of your total daily caloric intake is usually the sweet spot. Knowing how to build muscle is one thing, it's quite another to sculpt it by stripping away fat and revealing a masterpiece underneath. Do the opposite for cutting, find your TDEE then subtract 300-500 calories. Copyright © 2020 COSIDLA Inc. All Rights Reserved. I don’t eat the whole bone, of course, just the soft round part on the bone.”. 5777 N Meeker Ave, Boise, ID 83713-1520 USA, Blueprint to Cut program in BodyFit Elite, "The Ultimate Guide to Leg Day Nutrition",'s video course The Foundations of Fitness Nutrition in BodyFit Elite. The harsher the cut the more muscle you will lose during this process. Is there a reason why the app is not working? Follow the full Blueprint to Cut program in BodyFit Elite. Platz immediately became a regular at the Mecca (Gold’s Gym, Venice), and began his immersion into perfecting the old school bodybuilding diet and training techniques that would make him a legend. Exactly. From what I understand, butter is not a broken down by the liver. Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. Having a fist-sized portion of a lean protein source 4-5 times a day is only going to do good things for you! Modern school bodybuilders aim at consuming the right amount of carbs and bulk up in the off-season. The modern era has all that money can buy, or whatever your sponsorship can get for you. If your diet is not on point and you are not taking in the correct foods, you will not yield the results you are looking for. Shakes seem to be a convenient way to push protein but it was a bit tougher then – old school bodybuilders stressed more on eating “real foods”. “You have to nibble on the meat close to the bone, and hold the bone in your hands,” he says. Carb manipulation is insulin manipulation. How To Do A Push Up | Form, Technique & Weights, Calcium Caseinate | Why You Need This Protein In Your Life, We’re Celebrating 16 Years Of Beautiful | This Is How We Break PBs, 7 Best Post-Workout Stretches For Recovery And Flexibility. Think of it like “opening the gates” to your stored fat as wide as possible. It's a question of "What are you hungrier for?" It’s funny how we all migrated to chicken breast, skinless and boneless,” he says. The results were always awesome”. Bodybuilding as a sport had its glory – it was a game of respected and humble sportsmen. But there is one main difference between keto and the classic bodybuilding diet. Liver is also extremely high in vitamin B12 and iron. Old school bodybuilders used to eat lots of fats. Continue to eat a sufficient amount of protein—at least 0.8 grams of protein for each pound of body weight, and preferably 1 gram per pound. The article "The Ultimate Guide to Leg Day Nutrition" provides a solid framework about how to thrive during intense lower-body training. It’s been down for me and my buddy for a few days now. This same principle is followed by Warren and the results are on the stage. What did they eat to get so cut and get those tiny waists? //
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