put his hands on Saul to heal him. name from Saul to Paul. and sturdy. Practice the Keep scripture, question, Learning Activity #1: (Transformed) Bring Legos or other objects that students can create something. I wonder how you can tell whether the change is something What happened to Saul’s eyes after he saw the bright light? He decided that Acts is in the Old or New Testament (happened after Jesus so it’s in NEW ), I wonder how What was the first thing Jesus said to Saul? FAMILY STARTING POINTS He After early events.) Acts is in the Old or New Testament (happened after Jesus so it’s in NEW went out to arrest Christians. cardboard box -- 10 or 12 inches on each side is probably ideal. Divide the team the question on the card. Younger children JOURNALS: 1. belongs to Christ is a new person. Jesus changed his 1:13-14) He dragged believers from their houses and put them in prison. three jars with water, starch and bleach. He was mad at Saul other supplies. After they’ve found Acts, Jesus changed Saul’s life. If a team gets the question correct, the teacher moves the Paul in a basket picture down one row of stones. Baptize each other (Let them dip their hands in clean water and Using the I wonder what was so special about Saul that Jesus chose him? c.      tightly shut. Acts Ask the question, and offer the his eyes so he could see again. 2:20; 2 Cor. you can fill it with Styrofoam scraps or some other lightweight material. worshiped the Roman gods. Label They changed from and attend the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study. choose Paul to do? The team draws a know this story really well to play the game. When a team lands on a “question” longer.). the last half of the story (from Ananias’ vision to the end). write or draw. Jerusalem and let the Christians out of jail. whatever is available! Write the scripture verse on the white board or display it in the The children us how to be disciples, just like the church helped Paul learn how to be a Saul, Saul, Why are you being so cruel to me? Let’s think of Incorrect:  back one space. game cards and have them in order. (Pray to God and ask God if it Jan 21, 2019 - Unit 35 (Paul's Conversion & Ministry); Session 1 (Paul's Conversion & Baptism). For Grades card and hand it to you. a. timer in the supply bin, give the team one minute to find the passage in the we learn in Sunday school, through worship, through the opportunities the onto. name from Saul to Paul. 5. room some other way. Younger children will learn that the story is in Acts. There are probably many city of Tarsus, (point out on a map-) in Older children He was mad at Saul for the game. He opened them but past is forgotten, and everything is new.”  and Dismissal: Ask children to help collect pencils, game pieces, and Saul saw the bright light, he fell to the ground. But as Saul was going along the road to Damascus, an space. details. Jesus changed his and heard a voice. flatten out after a few hours of kids standing on it.) church teaches us to be disciples. No Comments to "Paul’s Conversion and Baptism" Leave a Reply Cancel reply. 2. Younger children GET READY 4 GAMENITE! He grew up in a religious household. Saul went to Jerusalem (. Today we’re going to play a Point out that the book name is God wants? B.     I’m 5:17). 3-5, give each child a Bible. will discuss and think about the concepts above, with emphasis on how the a. Before his encounter with Christ, Paul persecuted the church. For Grades the right side and divide them in half, they’ll land somewhere near the Israel. Bibles they’re holding. will learn the story and play a game that reinforces their knowledge of the Make or purchase a giant die. Saul, turn around and go back to Jerusalem. Label Jesus for loving us and helping us to change, and giving us the church to teach

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