It is actually a leaf, which has been modified to store food and water. Harvesting potatoes is the fun part of growing your own; here are a few tricks to get the most out of your efforts. It is also the fourth most consumed food in the world according to the U.S department of agriculture. But technically they are starchy, enlarged modified stems called tubers, which grow on short branches called stolons from the lower parts of potato plants. Do potatoes count as a vegetable or fruit? The short answer is yes! Is Potato a Fruit or Vegetable? When asking if a potato is a vegetable most people are wondering if they are a healthy food to eat as part of a balanced diet. Many plants are masters at adapting themselves to their surroundings. Pick up a potato and you notice eyes with little lashes on it. Regardless of whether the potato is considered a fruit or vegetable, it should be part of your diet. It appears that you have disabled your Javascript. Our How to Grow section contains tips and information on how to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Pick up a potato and you notice eyes with little lashes on it. "Botanically speaking, tomatoes are the fruit of a vine, just as are cucumbers, squashes, beans, and peas. How to get the emblem key in Resident Evil remastered? A fruit can be a vegetable but the inverse is not true. Many gardeners harvest a few small, immature potato tubers early in the season, because they are extra tender and sweet. Similarly, the spines of a berry plant are actually its leaves. This includes the leaves, stem, root and tubers. The short and long answers are YES. There are strong arguments for both classifications and we still don’t know the real answer. From a culinary point of view, vegetables and fruits are solely classified based on taste. To conclude, what is important is knowing the real botanical difference between a fruit and a vegetable when trying to categorize the potato. Yes, much like white potatoes, sweet potatoes are the tuberous roots of a sweet potato plant. Get video instructions about kitchens, bathrooms, remodeling, flooring, painting and more. But the question often comes up in both gardening and nutritional conversations, are potatoes a vegetable? Starchy foods are our main source of carbohydrate and are an important part of a healthy diet. The tuber provides a food reserve from which new potato plant buds arise. Is Potato a Fruit or Vegetable? Below you will see something more about potatoes, so you can decide if you will use potato as a fruit or as vegetable. Order it online at Real Dutch Food. Those lashes look like tiny roots. Potato is perennial herbaceous plant with the underground stem, called tuber. They can change their structure to suit their needs. Potato contains fiber which could significantly lower the level of cholesterol in the body. They have changed into this shape to protect it from plant-eating animals. A vegetable doesn’t play any role in the plant’s reproductive system. The Medieval words “spyde” and “spad” referred to simple digging tools. This simplistic argument can make sense if you’re a botanist. So it has converted its leaves into spines to protect it from animals. Sweet potatoes have a distinctive taste with beautifully copper coloured skins and orange flesh. There have been numerous debates among agricultural experts and nutritionists about the botanical classifications of some plants. Potatoes are often called spuds, but where did that come from? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contact Us Feel a little creepy in the garden, like something is watching you? It is important not to eat damaged, green or sprouting parts of the potato. In fact, the lashes look like tiny roots. They have a high nutritional value in comparison to sweet potatoes. Let's get together. Potato is a big source of carbohydrates. How many grams in an ounce? © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Also, it contains vitamin C, calcium and potassium and other nutrients and it is a great source of fiber. They have played a vital part in survival in history since 200B.C. This is because the development comes from the ovary which is located at the flower’s base. The debate has been brought about mostly by the nightshade family of plants with potato and tomato at the center of it all. Do you also like applesauce or mashed potatoes but do you live abroad? By the way, though potato vegetable plants also flower and produce small, many-seeded berries like cherry tomatoes, all parts of the plant are poisonous if eaten. Except for the tubers. Required fields are marked *. Potato is a part of the nightshade family (lat. The term “vegetable” is not all that old itself. The potato, Solanum tuberosum, is a member of the nightshade family which also includes tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. Just as we have mentioned, fruit can be a vegetable but it is not possible for a vegetable to be a fruit. Giving Your Body a Helping Hand: 6 Supplements You Should Be Taking, Medical Workstations Are a Must-Have in Every Hospital and Here’s Why, Motivation Starts Here: 3 Powerful Reasons to Become an Egg Donor Today, When You Think You’ve Tried Them All: 7 Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain.

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