Anyone can purchase a Class without the commitment of Premium Membership. You actually have a thicker ruler. How I create my pdf paper pieced quilt patterns without merging several pdf files I created this and other videos like this one to help some friends. Now since I'm going to do a horizontal line, I'm going to hold it in front of the machine. For any Bonus Materials element that is a PDF Download, yes you can. It's usually about a quarter-inch thick. You might feel that you are lacking imagination, well rulers help here because they show you the shape to use and you don’t need to design it yourself. use templates of the wrong thickness for your machine. It's very versatile and works in a lot of different ways." Thank you for your comments Hunny. There is a link for the PDF instructions right below the Materials list. Overlap this folded edge over the finished edge of the other quilted piece and pull together until the overlap backed measure 18 1/2”. "Well, another important thing is how to hold it. Join Me for a Brand New Video Series. So, let's quilt a couple lines and I'll show you a little bit about that." When you click on the “Get Class Access” button near the top of the Class page, you’ll be given a couple purchase options. There are many other groups out there to join. So a nice, light hold and a smooth movement. "Well, normally I don't like to use rulers, especially for shorter lines, but anytime I'm working within a seam (like stitching in the ditch) or if I'm quilting a line that's longer than 6" or so, I'll definitely pull out the ruler since it gets a little tricky keeping it straight." Attach the binding to the outside edge of the pillow. "Now, do some people mark on their quilt tops?" "Again, whether you're stitching in the ditch or stitching straight lines, I feel like everyone has their on days and their off days, you know, days where they're doing better. Any template has sides that you can pretty much guarantee your quilting will mimic the shape. Move the ruler so that the center line of the ruler is on the horizontal line and the right edge of the circle is against the right edge of the foot. Get your seam ripper ready to destroy in the name of creation. Optional: Quilt the same type of shape using a smaller curve to each side of the motif you just quilted as shown on the Quilting Guide. I’ve got Bernina acrylic rulers and the proper quilting foot, but where can I download and save your “Free-Mo Quilting w/Rulers” PDF instructions for repeated reference? Moving on a few years, they have recently sold their business to a large American company. Square up the pillow to 18 1/2”x 18 1/2”. Also, if/when you are a Craftsy Premium Member, you will have access to all then-active Classes. Quilt Assistant Symmetry tool Basic how to use this great tool. I'm going to start quilting now. A few paper pieced designers I know create amazing, detailed patterns in Quilt Assistant then transfer the design over to Electric Quilt because they love the option of using different fabrics to color their designs and the option of providing their pattern in colored pieces. Mark the pillow top with vertical, horizontal and diagonal centering lines. No. Learn stitches and shading to make colors and patterns pop in your collage or portrait quilts. A poorly wound bobbin will cause lots of problems. It's easier than you think. With Angela’s expert guidance and approachable style, you’ll gain free-motion confidence and have some fun along the way. It must sound like a lot to think about, but go through everything step-by-step and ruler quilting could be one of the most rewarding things you can do with your craft. check the tension on the front and the back of the work regularly; unpicking takes a lot longer than quilting. As I touched on before, it is all about the accuracy. How long of a line do you normally have to be sewing before you want to use a ruler?" Set up the sewing machine with the Straight Stitch Plate, Patchwork Foot #97D foot and a #80 Jeans Needle. Instead, you just want to have a nice, light grip.

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