Need to ship packages overseas from the United States? Our main objective is to provide an affordable and fast alternative to transport your shipments anywhere in the world. We’ll quickly show you shipping costs to New Zealand from multiple international carriers, so you can compare prices and book a service that suits your needs and budget. Shipping to New Zealand from USA never been easier. To find the cheapest way of shipping to New Zealand, use our simple shipping cost calculator for Parcel shipments. MyUS TruePrice™ upfront pricing calculates your rates by weight.*. And you’ll save on shipping costs. “The ability of iContainers platform to provide a quick quote exceeded my expectations. Largest worldwide delivery network for car, specialty vehicle, equipment and boat shipping via RoRo and container ships. If you need help with preparing a shipment, pickups or tracking, please visit our Support Center. When you send a package to New Zealand from the USA you will be required to complete a customs declaration form detailing the contents and value of your package. This will be used to determine your taxes as well as if you are shipping anythingthat is prohibited. Shipping to New Zealand from USA never been easier. Get a parcel delivery quote with the UPS shipping calculator today. MyUS Provides the Best Shipping Rates from the USA. Door-to-door shipping services for envelopes, packs, small packages and boxes up to 350lbs. Join today and enjoy shopping with confidence. Shipping to New Zealand. However, New Zealand does not have a de minimis value. Ideal for shipping boxes, pallets and less than container loads from 250 lbs. According to New Zealand’s import laws, some items are prohibited from entering the country, including (but not limited to): MyUS cannot ship items that the US has banned from export. Door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port options for shipping boxes, pallets and full container loads from 250 lbs. This would make your total cost to purchase and ship the guitar $600 + $50 + $97.50 = $747.50 USD ($1174 NZD). The point is, you should never just assume that something hasto be hazardous or dangerous to make it on the prohibited items list. MyUS makes shipping to NZ from the US easy and affordable. Fully tracked from drop off to delivery. Sarasota, FL 34249 USA Average Ocean freight transit time to New Zealand is 28 Days from USA. Compare and Save on Freight Shipping Services to New Zealand, Full Container Load shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ship items from USA to New Zealand. Ideal for shipping personal cars, farming equipment, machineries, oversized vehicles etc. Shop for today’s hottest products from your favorite US stores and ship them internationally to your home in New Zealand, even if the store’s website won't ship directly to you. All rights reserved. Whenever you are shipping boxes to New Zealand, you will beexpected to fill out a customs form. Use the FedEx Shipping Calculator for estimated shipping costs based on details, such as shipment origin, destination, date, packaging, and weight. The United States is a large trading partner with New Zealand, accounting for $3.9 billion in exported goods and $4.15 billion in imported goods. Forwarding and Shipping to New Zealand from US doesn't have to bechallenging, and with the right team on your side, you can send a parcel toNew Zealand with ease. iContainers operates in 11 ports in New Zealand from the United States and 7 ports in New Zealand from Spain. As always, you can also reach us by phone, e-mail and live chat. MyUS ships to virtually any city and district in New Zealand. Your taxes are determined by considering a number of factors.Are you shipping to New Zealand for personal reasons,or for business? Door-to-door shipping services for boxes, pallets, less than truck load or full truck load goods from 450lbs to 45.000 lbs. Under CIF, however, sellers hold on to this responsibility until the goods arrive at the destination port. Become a member, receive a MyUS address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Express shipping (preferred): 2-4 business days, Sign up for a MyUS membership and instantly receive a MyUS address, Start shopping your favorite US stores' websites, Upon checkout, enter your new MyUS address as your shipping address, When we receive your package or packages, we efficiently repack them and ship to your New Zealand address, You will typically receive your parcels between 2-8 days (depending on shipping choice) from their arrival at MyUS, Diamond Comics (largest comic book distributor/retailer in North America), Nordstrom (shoes, clothing, jewelry and more), NYX Cosmetics (professional makeup and beauty products), (personal care items, vitamins and more), Ralph Lauren (designer clothing and accessories), 6PM (discounted clothing, shoes and accessories), (makeup, perfume, lotions, skincare and more), Walmart (clothing, electronics, sporting goods, health and beauty products and more), JA Cosmetics (makeup and beauty products), J Crew (women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories), EM Cosmetics (makeup and beauty products), Zara (latest trends in clothing for men, women and teens), JCPenny (clothing, jewelry, housewares, homegoods and more), Rainbow (trendy fashions for women and teens), An extra 20% off shipping costs with MyUS Premium memberships, Free package consolidation for all members. Our helpful staff knows how to navigate the complexnuances of the international shipping community. MyUS will be collecting GST on all items prior to shipping, because it streamlines the payment process for our members, and provides greater transparency in cost. Top exports include dairy, prepared foods, pet food, fresh fruit, and tree nuts. NEX has partnered with more than 30 of the top international Ocean freight companies such as Maersk Group®., Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) ®, COSCO®, CMA CGM Group®, Hapag-Lloyd®, UPS Freight® to provide you with the best rates for your freight shipping. Business Development Manager at Prime League Inc. but if they apply, you will be responsible to pay them upon arrival in New Zealand. Visit new customer center to see how easy to sign-up, prepare a shipment, track a shipment and make payments.

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