So, the investors must. But he cannot carry on his business for a long time like this. charge fair prices. Krishan is a heart specialist.radhika is a child specialist and gauri ia Production of quality goods : The objective of business is not only to provide goods to the society but also to provide goods and services of high quality. How would we define insurable interest in easy words ...??? CBSE > Class 11 > Business Studies 1 answers; Aaditya Sharma 2 years, 2 months ago. 1, To provide regular and fair returns to investors : It is also a social objective of business to provide regular and fair returns to investors. SHARES. provide employment. Shyam is a skin specialist. With the development of business, the need for employees arises. ANSWER. Social Responsibility . Reading Time: 3min read 0. A businessman may earn good profit by selling adulterated goods. Mention the classificationof objtives of business through chart. To charge fair prices : The social objective of business is not only to provide quality goods to the, To provide employment : The social objective of business is also to provide employment to the society. The society provides regular market for goods and services of the business apart from factors of production. etc. All the four children of MR. Madan mohan lal are doctors. Simply apply as teacher, take eligibility test and start working with us. etc. 11 views. In other words, the object of business should be to earn profit through social service. Social objectives of the business which are desired to be achieve for the benefit of society. The objectives of business should not always be economic. No doubt economic object is indispensable for existence and development, but economic objectives can be achieved only when a business has social standing. Social responsibility is the obligation of businessmen towards the society. Which element of business is being referred to here? The progress of the business is linked with the progress of the society. 7. font-size: 14px; margin-right: auto; CBSE Class 11 Business Studies. Mr rajneesh sold his furniture and bike on olx as he was shifting base to London is this a business activity? } cbse; class-11; Share It On Facebook Twitter Email. Name any 2 areas where SSLs feel threated enterprise. .fnt { Also explain in which form of the economic activities and non economic activities they have been engaged. }, .btn { According to Henry Ford, “Service first and profit next should be the motto of every businessman.” Ruskin called it as, “Service first and fee second.” According to F. E. L. Bresh, “Business has no meaning unless to serve and satisfy a customer at a profit.” The social objectives of a business may be summarised as follows : Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. padding: 5px; provide employment. asked Apr 2 in Business Studies by Devanshi (67.2k points) What are the social objectives of business? text-transform: none; a. Related Questions: What is government company .. Report ; Posted by S.A.L.O.N.I 17 hours ago. What are the social objectives of a business? 1.production of quality goods. So, the business provides employment to the society. font-size: 14px; 1.production of quality goods. To promote the progress of the society : Business is a part of the society. April 22, 2019. in CBSE. Objectives represent the purpose for which an organisation has been started. padding: 5px; b. } } Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. 1 Answer +1 vote . Investors invest money and bear risk. margin-left: auto; 1 Thank You. by Anuj William. LMN Ltd. is feeling its income tax returns on time they are also updating their share holders about their projects and provide for return to them towards which interest group are they fulfilling there is possibility which values are being followed by the Co.

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