I came home yesterday and my carpenter had built shelves in my new, small pantry. Depth of shelves works best at 11-1/4" or nominal size of 1" x12" lumber. They are certainly cool shelves. The eye will notice a deflection of 1/32 inch per running foot so that a fully loaded (70-80 pounds) bookshelf that is 3 feet wide, should sag no more than 3/32 inches. If you do choose a particleboard bookcase, consider mounting the back of the bookcase to the wall for better stability -- especially if the bookcase will be on a carpeted floor. Good Luck Most five-shelf bookcases come with an extra shelf so you have the option of a having six shelves. Probably it would be a good idea to configure the space between each shelf to what you purchase: cereal boxes on their sides, stacks of 2 cans of vegetables, a PAM spray container, etc. This is such a helpful thread as I plan my own new build pantry! Mehr erfahren. From pantry to office, we'll help you get there, It's easy to go mad for the staggered heights and unusual pairings of these modern shelf and storage designs, Keep items organized, attractive and within easy reach with these tips, Follow these do’s and don’ts for arranging items on your kitchen shelves, How to Keep Kitchen Shelves Looking Sleek and Not Sloppy, Get clean-lined storage and display on walls, over windows and in nooks using versatile floating shelving, Mein Benutzererlebnis mit Cookies anpassen, http://starcraftcustombuilders.com/kitchen.pantry.htm#.WOlzPXQ8KhB, Easy Reference: Standard Heights for 10 Household Details, These Windows Let In Light at Floor Height, 13 Ways to Create the Illusion of Room Height, The Organized Home: Shelves, Cupboards and Closets, How to Arrange Open Shelves in the Kitchen, Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving Like a Pro. I started with Sharb's measurements, then adjusted according to my needs, and things like where outlets were placed, etc. I have some shelves closer together and some farther apart. Here is a link that might be useful: pantry thread. Retailers sell and categorise the size of bookcases in terms of the number of shelves the bookcase has. In most cases, you can adjust the shelves to various heights so the bookcase can house paperbacks, hardcovers and large-size books. Background, Go Paperless later than open-minded authenticated support Solutions. Bookshelves are often the focal point of a room — adding personality and style to everything from the living room to the nursery. Good to see members advising to have the centre shelves closer together than the upper and lower ones. The standard closet height dimensions that most architects and interior designers go by is a comfortable 8 feet. Seven-shelf bookcases are referred to as "towers" or "babies." Like cereal boxes (lots of headroom up there so who cares how tall they are), paper towels, paper napkins, etc. Then you can determine the spacing in between them . Overall, sizes will be consistent from one type of store to another, with no more than a few inches of difference. The 19" at the bottom allows for my roll-out bins for grains and pet food. This gives the homeowner plenty of room to add shelves and rods as needed and generally works no matter if they’re using a walk-in or reach-in design. I would check the height of the items you want to put on the shelves. He may have other ideas of how you can use that area. Once the measurements have been entered for length, width and height, the calculated volume will be shown in the answer box. Same as above! Bookcases storage shelves & units shelf units pantry. The width will range from 31 inches to 37 inches, and the depth will be the standard of 12 to 13 inches. Remember you can have different heights on different walls of the pantry, too. The height, width and depth will vary, based on the number of shelves. View Who Are The Best Builders In The World? THANK YOU! I want the "sturdy" look of solid wood shelves, but maybe that is silly? I would use at least a 2x4inch board, screwed vertically on the right and left side, the depth of the closet, for each cleat side, and try to set the screws into the wall studs where possible on both sides..

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