Summa Theologiae Prima Pars Summa Theologiae First Part De sacra doctrina Sacred Doctrine Prooemium Prologue Quia Catholicae veritatis doctor non solum provectos debet instruere, sed ad eum pertinet etiam incipientes erudire, secundum illud Apostoli I ad Corinth. This version of Aquinas’ Summa contra Gentiles contains the annotations of Joseph Rickaby, early 20th century Jesuit priest and philosopher, alongside the main text. See this online text: Of God and His Creatures: An Annotated Translation (With Some Abridgement) of the Summa Contra Gentiles of Saint Tho[ma]s Aquinas, by Joseph Rickaby (London: Burns and Oates, 1905).May be read online on this page on this page of the Jacques Maritain Center’s Readings for Philosophers and Catholics.Available in pdf, epub, mobi, and other formats at Internet … 88 Quæstiones Disputatæ: De spiritualibus creaturis (Latin & English / English) De Unione Verbi Incarnati (Latin & English / English) Summa Contra Gentiles (Latin & English / English) Summa Theologiæ (Latin & English / English) Alfred J. Freddoso's new transl. The Summa contra Gentiles is in the unique position of a classic whereof the author’s manuscript is still in great part extant. The justifications that are lacking in the Summa Theologica are to be found in the Summa contra Gentiles, which Aquinas wrote specifically to aid in the conversion of Jews and Muslims. It is now in the Vatican Library. It is now in the Vatican Library. Summa Contra Gentiles - Aquinas 1. all that is knowable about itself; but an angel of his natural knowledge does not know the essence of God, because the angel's own substance, whereby it is led to a knowledge of God, is an effect inadequate to the power of the cause that created it. Hence not all things that God understands in Aquinas meant his treatise to serve as an apologetics handbook for missionaries and philosophers defending the Christian faith against those outside of or hostile to Christianity. Summa Theologica, by St. Thomas Aquinas, [1947], full text etext at complete to II-II q. The manuscript consists of strips of parchment, of various shades of colour, contained in an old parchment cover to which they were originally stitched.

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