4) The Pac 12 had 6 programs with recruits in the Top 100. HEIGHT 5' 8" COMMITTED TO Tennessee Tech # 140. © 2005-2020 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fox, Rylie Thompson, Kaitlin Cassidy and Simmons recently broke down the top five uncommitted 2021 recruits in the nation and they have the Vols as major factors for five-star offensive tackle Amarius Mims and five-star linebacker … Willingham, Amanda Bender, Ashley There is no additional information to display: We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. I am wondering if Tennessee can make a resurgence with their 2021 class as they have dropped off a little in the SEC, but their best recruit for 2021 is #33. Top 2021 recruits have been quick to make verbal commitments since recruiting opened up on Sept. 1; they’re pouring in by the dozens! Player Name . Kierra Sanderlin . With 12 teams in the Top 25 recruiting classes most roads will still run through the SEC as far as recruiting is concerned. McCachren, Treasuary Hannon, Bailey But with the way OU schedules quality teams and goes to all of those tough tournaments, they too will be a better team for how Coach Gasso schedules those to make OU a better team. The lower the average player #, the better the recruiting class. That is a total of 18 recruits for the Big 12. 3) No other D1 softball program had 6 recruits in the Top 100 except for OU and Texas. Virginia, Class of 2021. You do great work and one can tell a lot of research goes into your articles. Parsons, Anna Softball Factory is the leader in player development and college guidance for youth and high school softball players. The SEC had 13 programs. Shannon Clarke. I am wondering if Tennessee can make a resurgence with their 2021 class as they have dropped off a little in the SEC, but their best recruit for 2021 is #33. The Big 10 had 3 programs. I knew that OU’s recruiting class for 2021 was a very good class. There were 17 programs with only 1 recruit so each of them used all 5 random player rankings. Morgan, Kiki Only 3 programs outside the Power-5 conferences had recruits for the Top 100 players. With this effort completed for the Class of 2021, I decided to review the recruiting classes for 2020 and then also for 2019. With 5 players in the Top 20 players in the country, OU is in a class all their own in 2021. Shipman, Anna You're right about Coach Gasso being at the top of her game and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere but up in the coming years. POSITION/RANK PG / 31. She was included in the Extra Innings 2021 Extra Elite top 100 rankings at 98th. Weekly, Megan Baylor, Kansas and Texas Tech each had 1. 2021 Ranked Players. 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I settled on the following method. The Post-Dispatch and STLhighschoolsports.com annually publish a list of signees from area high schools, and we need your help. POSITION/RANK G / 28. It could be argued that the spread of the 101-141 could have been greater to diminish the program ranking of those teams. Congrats to Coach Gasso, her staff and the Oklahoma Sooners on the recruiting class of 2021. #2 – Texas – Big 12 – 6 players @ 9-28-31-46-57-64 = 39.17 average.OU and Texas are clearly the #1 and #2 programs in D1 softball with a 20 point gap below the #3 team. 5) There are still 3 recruits in the Top 100 that are uncommitted. Seggern, Callie Harley Paynter. You're right about the SEC, they have a lot of parity in that conference and that should make them even better on the field just having to play each other. Brown, Hunter HEIGHT 6' 2" COMMITTED TO # 88. Coaches, athletics … Turner, Amanda Ranking Last Updated 11/3/2020. As a tease I will say that for the three recruiting years combined, the Oklahoma Sooners are very impressive! In three seasons at Goodpasture Christian in Tennessee, Barnhart has a career average over .500 and an on-base percentage close to .700 because of how much she walks. THE WORLD'S LARGEST AND MOST COMPREHENSIVE SCOUTING ORGANIZATION #11 – Arizona State – Pac 12 – 3 players @ 6-14-99-101-111 = 75.33 average.#12 – Florida – SEC – 4 players @ 7-66-80-95-101-111 = 76.67 average.# T13 – Texas A & M – SEC – 3 players @ 27-30-77-101-111-121 = 77.83 average.# T13 – Georgia – SEC – 3 players @ 29-44-61-101-111-121 = 77.83 average.#15 – Washington – Pac 12 – 2 players @ 2-4-101-111-121-131 = 78.33 average.#16 – Kentucky – SEC – 4 players @ 38-68-75-85-101-111 = 79.67 average.#17 – Florida State – ACC – 2 players @15-36-101-111-121-131 = 85.33 average.#18 – Clemson – ACC – 2 players @ 11-42-101-111-121-131 = 86.17 average.#19 – Notre Dame – ACC – 2 players @ 40-52-101-111-121-131 = 92.67 average.#20 – Arizona – Pac 12 – 2 players @ 20-89-101-111-121-131 = 95.50 average.Washington is the surprise in this group.

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