(vi) Interim payments under a cost reimbursement contract, except for a cost reimbursement contract for services when Alternate I of the clause at 52.232-25, Prompt Payment, is used. The ordinary method is that the liquidation rate is the same as the progress payment rate. (6) The time and expense involved in repurchasing for contracts or parts of contracts. (3) All property that the contractor acquires for performing the contract, except to the extent to which the Government otherwise has valid title to the property.            (4) Include the form of contract financing deemed to be in the Government’s best interest in the solicitation (see 32.106 and 32.113); and The contracting officer shall specify the liquidation rate or designated dollar amount in the contract. The contracting officer must also- (c) If the contractor has several major national defense contracts, it is normally not necessary to evaluate the eligibility of relatively minor contracts. All invoice payments, with the exception of interim payments on cost-reimbursement contracts for services, must be supported by a receiving report or other Government documentation authorizing payment (e.g., Government certified voucher).                 (i) Written notice of release of the contractor by the assigning financing institution; (2) Advance payments (in an amount not to exceed $______________ at any time outstanding) (in an aggregate amount not exceeding $________, less the aggregate amounts repaid, or withdrawn by the Government) are required by the Contractor to perform under the contract. (a) The contracting officer shall not approve or deny a contractor’s request for installment payments or deferment of collections. If installment payments have been made for an item, the amount paid to the contractor upon acceptance of the item by the Government shall be reduced by the amount of installment payments made for the item. (2) The Government and the contractor must resolve claims involving disputes, and any interest that may be payable in accordance with the Disputes clause. (2) If the contract is awarded using the offeror-proposed procedure at 32.205, the clause constructed by the contracting officer under paragraph (b)(1) of this section shall contain the following: However, the amounts shall be excluded from costs eligible for progress payments so long as they are disputed. (2) The contracting officer shall insert the provision at 52.232-14, Notice of Availability of Progress Payments Exclusively for Small Business Concerns, in invitations for bids if it is anticipated that-            (8) The parties agree on an appropriate rate; and (a) Contract surety bonds are incompatible with the Government’s interests under guaranteed loans, unless the interests of the surety are subordinated to the guaranteed loan.            (3) No other suitable means of financing are available. Whenever feasible, the agency shall, under the direction and approval of the Department of the Treasury, use a letter of credit method that requires the contractor not to withdraw the Government funds until the contractor’s checks have been-, (1) Forwarded to the payees (delay of drawdown technique), or. Advance payments may be considered useful and appropriate for the following: The rest of paragraph (h) is optional.            (3) All property that the contractor acquires for performing the contract, except to the extent to which the Government otherwise has valid title to the property. (d) Guaranteed loans are essentially the same as conventional loans made by private financial institutions, except that the guaranteeing agency is obligated, on demand of the lender, to purchase a stated percentage of the loan and to share any losses in the amount of guaranteed percentage.            (1) A description of the debt, including the debt amount.       (g) An agency’s need for supplies and services is of such unusual and compelling urgency that the Government would be seriously injured unless payment is made by a method other than EFT; The contractor shall-

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