Therefore, with the ample space inside this 2 door wardrobe, along with the top-notch build quality and style, make this three-door wardrobe a worthwhile to buy. Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. The interior has a dark theme to it, while the exterior and the doors have a nice brown finish. The doors are also lockable too. The two big circular handles on each door give the wardrobe a much-needed personification. The top shelves of the wardrobe have large space for hanging all your clothes, while the lower shelves and drawers will help you tuck away your smaller apparels. It will also save you the hassle of not buying a separate dressing table for your make-up purposes. Equip it with everything you need. “kalpavriksha or kalpataru- a wish fulfilling divine tree” was kept the centre of the theme and was developed there after and used in the house. For example, think out-of-the-box when decorating your bedroom and forget about the obvious choices. No worries. For example, you can also use the wardrobe as a wall divider between the bedroom and the en-suite bathroom or in some other way. A wardrobe is defined as a piece of essential furniture in a room, that houses all the daily needs and belongings of the user. This wardrobe has two compartments – one on the top half, and another on the bottom half. This is the epitome of what you call a large-sized sliding wardrobe doors, that has all the rings and whistles. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home! 12 3 4 Next. Hide your wardrobe or closet behind a glass divider. In case if you are not a fan of the newer and more modern looking colour palettes and want something that looks very natural and classic, then this product is for you. Then use the wall on which the headboard is placed for that. Browse below and check out, Retro details within modern interiors - this design solution has become quite popular lately, and today we have an example by Russian designers. Clever Wardrobe Design Ideas For Out-Of-The-Box Bedrooms. A design professional can help in assessing your requirements from the wardrobe and work out the types of sections that it needs. Thus, women need more space to keep their belongings that most men out there. This kind of short wardrobe can appeal to people of all ages. We complement our range of wardrobe door designs and free-standing wardrobes with fitted bedroom furniture, providing a number of bedroom ideas with a selection of stand-alone wardrobes or full size wardrobe sets with matching bedroom furniture. This is a very classic looking wardrobe ideas that are engraved in total dark colour and the way it blends in with the interiors and the finishing makes the new wardrobe look very exquisite. Don’t want to look at your furniture when relaxing in bed? There are four shelves on the inside, with no such drawers. Maybe you don’t even need a large closet with lots of storage compartments or maybe you need some extra storage space. The signature design of this walk-in wardrobe designs lies in its simple style and in its subtle elements. The functionality part is where the plastic wardrobe also excels by having spacious shelves and a drawer. This way you can control the overall ambiance and décor and use accent elements and furnishings to create focal points. Module metod ikea scandinave design laque blanc Filip Janssens. The wardrobe design comes with just a single door, along with the right kind of space on the inside with three shelves and two drawers. The wood quality that is used here is solid and very durable. Unique designs on wooden panels always look great, and this wooden wardrobe is no such exception. The finish of the wardrobe is done in a very dark colour that looks hideous. If you have no such space constraints in your room, then this steel wardrobe should be your ultimate pick. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Marion Lanoë, architecte d'intérieur, diplômée. If you want to surprise your child or children with amazing looking furniture, that they will love having it in their room, then this should be the one. Design Greets Culture - Parmar House | The Design Code The Design Code has designed An ardent believer in Jainism, Mr. Manoj Jain had a house of 3300sqft. A big wardrobe helps in storing all these things in one place, in a much better and more organized way. Another option is to design your bedroom furniture similarly to a media unit for the living room. Also, the finish and the colour of the wardrobe has a very subdued look, which makes it easy to be used in any environment. If you just want a simple structure for keeping all your apparels and accessories, without much of a problem, then this should be your choice. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. 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This is a very classic looking wardrobe ideas that are engraved in total dark colour and the way it blends in with the interiors and the finishing makes the new wardrobe look very exquisite. #Wardrobe Design Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless..!!! This wardrobe reflects style and quality. They can fit in your wall unit and they’re excellent for storing and organizing your large collection. There are no drawers, but the shelves are very spacious to hold your essentials. The finish of the wardrobe gives it a black coloured look, and thus makes the IKEA wardrobes very versatile to be used in any type of surroundings.

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