(Wolfram is an artist of the eponymous, having named previous products Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram Language, Wolfram Data Framework, and so on.) In our effort to develop a fundamental theory of physics it seems as if the tower of ideas and formalism that we’ve ended up inventing are actually quite general, and potentially applicable to all sorts of areas. But the thousands of messages we’ve received tell a very different story. People might think that interest in fundamental science has waned. The Wolfram Physics Project is a bold effort to use breakthrough new ideas and the latest in physics, mathematics and computation to find the fundamental theory of physics, often viewed as the ultimate goal in all of science. Stephen Wolfram believes a massively complex hypergraph could represent all of physical space and its contents, a clue to finding the fundamental theory of physics. First, Thank You! Stephen Wolfram: Fundamental Theory of Physics, Life, and the Universe | Lex Fridman Podcast #124 » with Lex Fridman & Stephen Wolfram close And, in a word, wow! Basically, a theory that ties together all other theories in physics, from the theory of relativity to black hole thermodynamics. The Wolfram Physics Project is a project launched by computer scientist and physicist Stephen Wolfram to find the fundamental theory of physics. We launched the Wolfram Physics Project two weeks ago, on April 14. Towards a Science of Metamathematics. Added Apr 21, 2019 by propervelocity in Physics. Stephen Wolfram shares his 40-year research journey that has culminated in the Wolfram Physics Project, plus history and developments on the search for the fundamental theory of physics. The physics project … Adds proper velocity (map distance per unit traveler time) of "a" with respect to "b" to that of "b" with respect to "c" to get the proper velocity wac of "a" with respect to "c" in (1+1)D. One of the many surprising things about our Wolfram Physics Project is that it seems to have implications even beyond physics.

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