I was not told that there would be any further transactions or automatic payment would be taken from my checking account in the future. Beware people! The tea they send is no "special tea", it is ordinary Chinese Oolong tea. Just Think Media is the company. (I drink most of my tea at my desk!). THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE. This is the dbags facebook page: It still came out kind of weak & there was a bitterness to it as well. I will further bring all the chat transcip as evidence for to file a report in the consumer board and their misinterpretation. It has a nice buttery deliciousness that I’ve found in the greener Oolongs I’ve tried. Don't leave it up to your bank or anyone else to chase it up, just cancel your card, it is the only way to stop them. Tea washes down nicely after a full meal. Called, sated same thing, and wanted to cancel also. betty Little Sep 21, 2009. their advertsing is … I bought 4 boxes in 2011 and found the caffeine to stimulating for me (I’ve been caffeine-free for 5 years.) What else can I do to stop them????????? First of all they never put the terms and condition for the $59.90 charges after 2 weeks trial, which is misleading the consumer. EasyWeightLossTea I sent free trail back unopened they put money back in my account. But HQ is: 11 Athabascan Avenue, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada T8A 6H2 I do not want to be further charged for this product unless I WAS A FOOL TO ORDER IT TO BEGIN WITH!!! The other $9.95 fee is listed as MEMBERSHIP [protected] NV. I ORDER THIS TEA FOR $4.95 (THIS WAS TRAIL SUPPLY) aND NOW MY CHECKING ACCOUNT HAS HAD A WITHDRAWAL OF $59.95. Extreme AcaiBurn 1 Votes. I thought to myself I know I did not re-order anything more from WuYi--- nevertheless my debit card was charged $59.95 (tea), $10.00 (membership fee) and $4.95 s/h! Not at all astringent, but I cannot seem to discern the apple flavor to be found in tea, prior to adding the lemon that is. I have 3 60ct boxes of the black box Wu-Yi Source Tea. FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT ORDER. These are only in the month of July 2008!!! So Wuyi tea. Brewing Instructions: To savor the full flavor and produce the best results from our tea, bring fresh water to a rolling boil. same to me as any tea actually I am eating more with the 4.2 Oz Silk Bags. See: http://www.wulongforlife.com/jesse-willms.html Please dont bill my Credit Card Again!!! Reply. Small inconvenience against future, unauthorized transactions. Wuyitea- Wuyisource, taking money that was not authorized from my account. I have health issues and this tea is the only thing that makes me feel good. Diana L. Davis I found this tea for a dollar a box at a discount store. Fraud Protection Resource Center (how ironic!) Cancel Submit. other question is how could they bill me for no reason? I agreed. Condition is "New". I have had to contact my bank and close down my credit card account as this is the only way to stop them. No notes yet. I called UPS for pick up of (said) box to redeliver back to WuYi but cancelled. Boycott this type of " in your face" LGBTQ content. I call this false advertizement. Easy Weight Loss And Free Cash: A Dubious Product Online Marketing Empire Revealed: Make Google Cash Scam makecashfastwithgoogle.com supply) via UPS. This was very upsetting and time consuming not to mention I now have to pay a fee to get a new debit card rushed to me because that is the only source of monies I have access to. WUYI is a scam. agree same thing happened to me in a roundabout way what can we do... ? One bag makes 8 ounces of hot Wu-Yi tea. Springfield VA 22150 PureCleanse Pro Unauthorized debit.no invoice with shipment so that i may call and cancel. I just called and stated to them that I would never give my permission for a company to give my info. GEEZ!!! AcaiBurn Credit Report America Website not available or phone during working hours. nothing! ($2.84 - $34.47) Find great deals on the latest styles of Wuyi source tea. To cancel the $4.95 you can call [protected] and to cancel the $9.95 you can call [protected]. Pour hot water directly over the tea … I want to cancel any further orders of this product. Yu-Yi Source Tea. I ended up sweetening it quite a bit. I ordered a free trail . I do not have an order # r/t to no invoice. They did not have the authorization to draft my account monthly but continue to do so. Jesse Willms is the owner of this website and nothing but a scam artist. Wish to buy Wu-Yi Source tea. As they are in Canada, folk can report them to RECOL (Reporting Economic Crime Online ) I wnt this to cease immediately. I do like this tea; it is mild in body and flavor. I always look forward to drinking a few cups of this oolong. It is just the . They drafted twice this month and twice in april. New Wu-yi Source Authentic Tea Premium Blend Wu-Yi Tea 60 Bags. It cost me to return it each time. My charge card has been billed $4.95 three different times. Im afraid they are going to charge me again. Shipped with USPS First Class. Yep. Tea color is a light amber. Stated to both #'s I would cancel my card and get new one so they could not chg. anymore fees on it. Now they are drafting money out of my account every month. There Phone number is [protected]. Email: [email protected] # is only a recording, and sates to go to " insider secrets guide.com" ! This is no way to run a business. I saw their ad for a free box of their tea, just pay shipping, which I did on my debit card, received the tea, could not stomach, then noticed that this company has charged 3 charges totaling $84.80!!! I would love to sell these 3 boxes and know that someone was enjoying the tea. My sister-in-law gave me a box of this tea today while I was at her house. I have tried calling, but no one every calls me back, and there is no way to cancel. He just packaged the tea as a weight loss tea and is selling it online. They said I must have agreed to terms and conditions for that is how they get the info.

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