Since Reiji sacrificed his WIND and WATER Monsters, and Yuya's EARTH Monster isn't treated as a Monster while in the Pendulum Zone, the Pendulum Effects of both Spirit Reactors won't work this time." Violet Poison Magician appeared on Yukio's field, swinging its whip in an erratic manner. Zarc shouted. Odd-Eyes Revenant Dragon, attack Master Spirit Tech Force – Pendulum Ruler! Then, I activate the Quick-Play Spell Card Pendulum Turn. "When this card is summoned successfully, I can add a Level 4 or lower "Magician" Pendulum Monster from my Deck, Graveyard or banish zone to my hand. "With a single move, Zarc regained most of the Life Points he lost." Trap card open, Dimensional Barrier! However, he stood his ground while gritting his teeth, ignoring the numerous stabs of pain throughout his body. Consider yourself my newest obstacle to destroy, Yuri." "At least, with this, I have the means to defeat Zarc. Zarc said with amusement as he watched Leo Akaba talking to Yugi Muto and those with him through the light sphere. "No! "Trying to get him to do what you want or follow your way is impossible. During the turn you activated this card, the first Monster your opponent controls that is destroyed is banished. ", "In that case, I will exhibit my full power from this point on." Again?!" What you did in this Duel just now is no different! ", "Wrong again." "Since I cannot battle with the 1250 attack Phantom Dragon, I'll skip to my Main Phase 2. The Monster clad in predominantly red armor with four hands protruding from its torso that held two daggers, a broadsword and a shield appeared on Reiji's field. "Moving on, I activate the Spell Card D/D Soul Link. Leo desperately tried to reach her, but Ray turned away from her father, looking disappointed while shedding a tear. This prevents me from Special Summoning from the Extra Deck, but my opponent cannot Summon Extra Deck Monsters with the same card type I have on the Field! Reiji responded. Ray spoke with a mix of hers and Reira's voice once again. "Hard to comprehend that such creatures exist." "The fifth Heavenly Dragon who reigns over Ritual Summoning, Chaos Karma Ritual Dragon. I've fought for Yuzu before, and I'm more than willing to do it again!". ZEXAL - Episode 094|094" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. "Since I Pendulum Summoned a Monster, Domination Magician's effect allows me to draw a card, which will be destroyed due to Zarc's effect. "I won't let you, Leo Akaba! Yukio responded. "I activate Undine Magister's effect." Here comes your retribution, Tachibana Yukio!". Right before Kaiba began his second turn, the light sphere was hit by an enormously powerful energy pulse and caused complete disruption. "That doesn't matter! It's because I gave it to him after our Duel. Yukio pointed out. "As for Pendulum Ruler, it is even more formidable! 'Defeating Yugi Muto will indeed be difficult, but not impossible...' "Don't think you can win just because of a small save. "Next, my Trap allows me to Fusion Summon using only one Fusion Material from my hand or field and ignore the other Material! ", "Have you lost it, Tachibana Yukio?" "I activate the Trap Card Draining Shield! Rushing there, he spotted a card lying there. Now, what will you do? He yelled at him, outraged. Pendulum Effect: Once per turn, if a "Spirit" Monster you control inflicts battle damage to your opponent, gain Life Points equal to the amount of damage inflicted. "Valiant warrior residing in the edges of space and time! $0.11, As low as: A large number of golden portals appeared around Gilgamesh, with a wide variety of weapons protruding from it. "Now then, since I control Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon while I have two cards on my Pendulum Zone, I can send it to the Graveyard in order to Special Summon its evolved form!". "With this, I can Summon Monsters with Levels 2 through 7! This allows me to inflict 1000 points of damage to you!" "I…know you can hear me…" Yukio wheezed out as he tried his best to hold his ground. Reiji shouted. ", "So that means attacking with Phantom Dragon is useless now…" Yukio clicked his tongue. No matter how many derivatives of it you try and use against me, it's simply an exercise in futility. Yukio said. Yuzu said. Yukio pointed out. Wait! Leo lamented thus as he observed the ARC-V reactor with traces of tears in his eyes. (Pendulum Governor's ATK: 2800 - 2000 = 800). I truly feel pity for him." Una vez por turno: puedes seleccionar otra carta en una Zona del Péndulo; hasta el final de este turno, la Escala de Péndulo de esta carta se convierte en la de esa carta.

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